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John Megna Posted on: 08:19 PM - Saturday February 04, 2012
I just burned through all 29 episodes on Netflix. Bring back Jericho!
T Hasty Posted on: 01:24 PM - Wednesday February 01, 2012
I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix I really wanted to continue watching so I searched on google when season 3 would be out. And then I find that it was cancelled!!! It's outrageous that they cancelled it. You have to bring it back! It will be so popular you have got a bunch more fans now due to Netflix! I hope to see season three soon.
Ross Matthews Posted on: 09:55 AM - Monday January 30, 2012
Enter your comments here...Jericho was one of my all time favorite series !! I re-watch season 1 and 2 all the time...Bring back Jericho !!
Gwen MacKenzie-Roeder Posted on: 11:59 PM - Friday January 27, 2012
Jericho fans, You will be glad to learn that the Jericho story continues in the Season 3 graphic novel: https://shop.idwpublishing.com/jericho-season-three.html The storyline is act one of a much larger Jericho story that the producers are developing as a TV movie.
Brandy zahnter Posted on: 08:51 PM - Friday January 27, 2012
im so excited to hear about the movie! i fell in love with the show and have been obsessed with it since.
Jonathan Martin Posted on: 07:45 PM - Thursday January 26, 2012
Jericho is great TV. It's a real shame that the plot remains unresolved.
A. H. Posted on: 03:04 PM - Thursday January 26, 2012
It was short and sweet. and I miss it. Definitely would have loved more!!!
G M Posted on: 02:19 PM - Thursday January 26, 2012
I have read that Netflix could possibly be producing their own original series of shows now, competing with Cable channels like HBO. I like many other started watching Jericho on Netflix. I'm about to finish the series, and I'm kinda bummed that it was short. I think it would be cool if Jericho was picked up and played just for Netflix, its better than nothing.
Jane Hall Posted on: 07:29 AM - Wednesday January 25, 2012
save jericho!!!
Lewis Pringle Posted on: 06:30 PM - Sunday January 22, 2012
watched it loved it want more.
I am like a drug addict without his drug.
FinalFingfonh Gardner Posted on: 01:14 AM - Saturday January 21, 2012
Shortly After joining Netflix I started to watch Jericho and I Was hooked after the first episode. It has unforgettable characters, am interesting plot and many other dynamic features that make jericho what it is. After finishing the series istarted to look for the rest of season 2, sadly they cancelled the show.

I was crushed. I started drinking again and also took up smoking. My life was in a downward spiral from which there was no escape. "How could it be over?" I asked my self ( constantly ). It was hard for me to accept at first, it was even harder for my wife on account that she left me. Anyways, just when I was about to hit rock bottom I found this site.even though i still drink more than an Irishman at an AA meeting and I can no longer taste because I chain smoke, my spirit is repaired. After reading many testimonials I realize that there is still hope. Before I sort out my life situation, I will not rest until Jericho is back up on the air.

The bottom line is that we need Jericho. How many more alcoholic, chain smoking divorees does it take for them to realize that the people of Canada ( and the "allied states of America :P ) need Jericho. I will never love a human child as much I love Jericho. Never. So let's all stay strong and never stop until justice is served.
Ben  Boles Posted on: 02:35 AM - Wednesday January 18, 2012
I liked the idea of the fans sponsoring a new season or full length movie to finish things up. I could guarantee that 10s of 1000s of fans would pitch in a few bucks a piece and if a portion of those pitched in a heftier sum it could definitely be done. I have watched the show start to finish numerous times.

If only they didnt use the half season "season 2" like they did, once the military came into play. With the government was being restored so fast it took away from the survival/post apocalyptic/community working together feel that gave it its recognition that it gained in the first season. Don't get me wrong I enjoy s2 but it lacked the feel of s1. If brought back and the writers paid attention to detail and the original feel of the show it could be a hit, if it were on another network. I have not watched CBS since the show went off air and honestly I dont think I ever watched it before since the rest of their programming is garbage. If Jericho had been on FX along with Sons of Anarchy, Justified etc it would have had at least a 5 or 6 season run, it was full of action, guns, fights but toned down so much for CBS that it lacked what it could have been.
Max Swanson Posted on: 07:01 AM - Sunday January 15, 2012
G'day fans, Im from Australia, and we had the privilege of getting to watch the Jericho series Down Under. My wife and I were quite disgusted at the cancellation, especially given the pathetic crap showing at present with consistent season after season.

Tamara Gosnell: Great Idea!
May I make a comment. I would assume it the same up there in US, in Australia, when people like a series like Jericho, because of there need to work, they will "record" the show and watch it upon there return. In Aus, this does not register in Ratings and therefore I fear Jericho may have suffered pre-maturely. Wondering if this message might be useful to CBS.

Jericho is fantastic series, and from an Australian point of view, was becoming one of the greatest US TV Series ever watched here, I pray we'll have an announcement in the near future with the news Jericho is Back!!!!!!!!!
Brisbane Australia
Tumara Gosnell Posted on: 07:42 PM - Wednesday January 11, 2012
find the CBS facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CBS I say the best attempt is by making it to their front door. blow up their page. every day, every hour as much as you can post bring back Jericho on their Facebook page. It forces them to look at it. It forces them recognize that were not going away, and anyone that is subscribed to their page will see whats going on and become curious and watch the original episodes and hopefully create a Jericho craze larger then before.
Tumara Gosnell Posted on: 07:19 PM - Wednesday January 11, 2012
My fiance and I just watched all episodes in 4 evenings begging to watch the next one to see what would happen. When the last episode of the 2nd season finished it has left a gaping hole in the need to see sooo much more of Jericho and all of the characters in it. I think the best idea is to spend the money on a movie raise awareness to then follow it up with a new beginning to the show. :) BRING JERICHO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keaton Hargreaves Posted on: 02:45 PM - Wednesday January 11, 2012
Jericho is such a great show and its such a shame it still isn't on the air. I watched the show during its original airing and loved it then. Found it on Netflix and love it even more now. I got my friends hooked on it too and now we can all complain together how they should never have canceled it! This is such a relevant show in todays world. I'm glad so many people have found it and are fans. Maybe we can make a difference! I would rather see a continuation of the show, but a movie would be incredible as well. Anything to have it back!
gjov peraj Posted on: 02:23 PM - Wednesday January 11, 2012
Ggreatest show that was out how do people discontinue such a show I think this show is much better then falling skies and etc that's on today upsetting to see great show go to dust. >=/
Jason Taylor Posted on: 09:03 PM - Sunday January 08, 2012
A show done well before its time... Look at the walking dead as it thrives, it is but another character building show that like Jericho shows people trying to solve issues and survive in the worst of times. BRING JERICHO BACK AND WATCH IT THRIVE FOR YEARS TO COME! Big mistake not to but i guess if CBS doesnt like ratings they'll stupidly keep one of the greatest shows ever made die.
Tom Medlen Posted on: 02:59 PM - Thursday January 05, 2012
Why would CBS deprive us of such a great show? The word needs to get out to inform others on how to respond to this dilemma! Today with the real fears of our economic downfall would strengthen the fan base and open our eyes to the dangers within and around our borders! Bring back the SHOW!
J F Posted on: 07:13 PM - Sunday January 01, 2012
I just finished the graphic book "Civil war". It was very well done and would feed nicely into a season 3 series or a big screen movie. Jericho deserves to carry on. Go Rangers!
Vitaliy Shtym Posted on: 04:45 PM - Sunday January 01, 2012
Definitely one of the beast TV shows, had so much going for it.
Neil t Posted on: 03:41 PM - Sunday January 01, 2012
One of the best shows ever I still can't imagine what would happen after the end of the season. I just can't believe they would end such an amazing show....

I want it back
Brendan Montgomery Posted on: 02:40 PM - Sunday January 01, 2012
Need more Jericho!
ryan farnsley Posted on: 10:03 AM - Sunday January 01, 2012
Enter your comments here...

Just finished watching Jericho on netflix today. I believe this to be one of the best series of all time! I do not watch alot of tv but i could not stop watching this series. If i had the money i would finance the next two seasons myself. There is so much to tell. If any network is listening please bring Jerico back with the original cast. The people will watch!
Michael Bowman Posted on: 03:53 AM - Sunday January 01, 2012
I just finished watching all of Jericho and I have to say its one of the best series i've ever seen if not the best. Seems like things have gone quiet with the show or movie which is a shame. I say hand this staight over to Steven Spielberg to produce. With all the things he's producing these days this is perfect. Falling skies a much similar show i'm sure its had much more success with the Spielberg brand on it. Would be nice to see the same actors for another season or 2. The end was rushed but they did an amazing job. This is a series with so many possibilities. They were "NUTS" to give up on it.
Joe ?? Posted on: 10:40 AM - Saturday December 31, 2011
One of the BEST shows of all time! Action, drama, comedy....Whats not to like? This show has had me talking about it for weeks now! I cant belive I didnt see it when it was originally aired in 06-08..I have completed the show 2 times now on Netflix and I WANT MORE! I have seen posts about a movie? is that still in production?
Brad Cumming Posted on: 05:08 AM - Tuesday December 27, 2011
I love this show it is the best show of all time i have watched every episode about 20 times after i finish season 2 i start over again. PLEASE BRING IT BACK
Brannon Westbrook Posted on: 04:52 PM - Friday December 23, 2011
I started watching this show a month ago on Netflix. 1st impression was wow. Amazing story, compelling characters, and intense action. Then, when I finished every episode and noticed there wasn't a 3rd season, I said noooooooo. Please for the love of god, bring this series back to life. Season 2 finale was a huge cliff hanger. I want to see how it plays out now that there is going to be a huge civilwar.
Rick  Posted on: 02:38 AM - Wednesday December 14, 2011
A winner of a show. Definitely wish for a movie or continuation. Best thing on Netflix
mike soares Posted on: 08:12 PM - Tuesday December 13, 2011
bring it back it is simply awesome and i think if it is promoted it can be the #1 show on TV.!
Rick Heidel Posted on: 02:09 AM - Monday December 05, 2011
Just found it on Netflix... WOW... fantastic series...

I cannot stop watching it...

please bring it back...
Martha L. Posted on: 07:40 PM - Saturday December 03, 2011
I have Jericho on DVD and seriously what is the hold up in making a movie or even bringing the series back?! Once again corporate and entertainment bloks are having the fans of Jericho beg for more just to see if the $$$$$ will land in their pockets first. I have seen TV shows and movies with MUCH LESS acting and writing talent continue to a much less fan base! Cmon already give the fans of Jericho a movie already!!!!
John Thomson Posted on: 08:51 PM - Sunday November 27, 2011
One of the most realistic and well made TV series EVER. Especially in this changing world where government and corporate corruption are running wild, where other countries are closing in, this is a plausibility. Make the movie and show the world....
Mark  Higginbotham Posted on: 03:12 AM - Sunday November 27, 2011
I just finished watching the last episode in season two. All I can think is how awesome, unique and creative this show truly is. I truly wish there were more shows like it. I love how the show is centered around end of the world scenarios. I am sad when I think about never seeing another episode. I think the network should reconsider this series. Perhaps starting in 2012, because of all the talk about the end of the world. I honestly feel like if you promoted it more in a different light, you could grab the attention of a lot of viewers. I never would of thought I would of liked Jericho. I feel like there are more people out there like me. If you showed them what the shows truly about. I feel like there is a general misconception about the series. MAKE MORE EPISODES!
Joe  Blow Posted on: 05:53 AM - Thursday October 27, 2011
Here is an idea. Set up a consortium and sell shares to fans who want the movie to be made. When the movie is out, distribute the profits as dividends back to the shareholders. If it isn't commercially successful, nobody will be disappointed - at least we've made the film. But I believe it will be successful. With such a large army of fans (currently over 100 grand on Facebook) who are interested in commercial success, the movie will receive the best promotion - word of mouth.
K Moore Posted on: 08:43 PM - Wednesday October 26, 2011
Just watched series on Netflix again great show would like to see more tv series. My family enjoyed this show also.
Nina S Posted on: 10:28 AM - Tuesday October 25, 2011
Re-watching Jericho on Netflix... still as obsessed with it as the first time. Please bring it back, such an amazing storyline!!
jordan brannen Posted on: 12:25 AM - Monday October 24, 2011
just watched both seasons and loved it. Only reason the ratings must have sucked is cause of the time slot or something because the story was great. They should bring it back or go ahead with a movie.
Jeff Massey Posted on: 09:37 AM - Sunday October 23, 2011
Well I was a fan of the show when it was on and I just rewatched both seasons and read the season 3 comics. I'm not satisfied with what I'm hearing about the movie. I mean, it sounds good, but it's not what I'm wanting. I need more of the television show!

J English Posted on: 06:55 AM - Thursday October 20, 2011
Honestly, one of the best shows of all time. Let's put it this way, if the only way it would come back on is if they charged ten bucks an episode, then I would pre-pay for the whole season.
CJ Young Posted on: 01:42 AM - Thursday October 20, 2011
If fans were able to bring it back for a second season, we should be able to bring it back for a third or at least a movie! This show is beyond amazing! I have no idea (aside from bad timing and horrible marketing) how this show was ever let go!
Chris  R. Posted on: 12:44 AM - Tuesday October 18, 2011
I watched the entirety of both seasons.

Need more.

Theres no reason why there cant be more. (even though the numbers sucked) I would be even willing to pay money for a web series as long as its full length and high quality like the first two seasons.
nick babbage Posted on: 12:17 PM - Friday October 14, 2011
Enter your comments here...i just finished watching jericho and was in awe! BEST SHOW EVER!!! its a shame that cbs cancelled it!! please please PLEASE..... will some network bring it back with the same cast.
Billy Macdonald Posted on: 09:39 PM - Saturday October 08, 2011
Just watched the entire series with my fiancee on Netflix.
How is it possible that a show like this wasn't available to canada before?
Im going to by 10 copies of the TPB tomorrow.
Lets get this shit going!
Austin  Walls Posted on: 08:04 PM - Sunday September 25, 2011
ladies and gentlemen, i'm not sure you have heard, but a few years back CBS received over 23,000 lbs of nuts in the mail. I think we need to organize and do this again and again until they agree to do another season. I'm ready to put a rather large chuck of money towards for this effort. what do you think?
Heidi K Posted on: 02:58 PM - Wednesday September 21, 2011
Just watched all episodes front to back .. couldn't stop. I feel so immersed in this world, and I grieve for it.

Can't we please find a way to continue the Jericho story in tv or movie form?

Have to have Skeet on board, of course. And bring back the same writers/producers to maintain the themes and bring it the same intelligence, due dilliegence to history, and sense of humanity. This show shouldn't turn into a buddy buddy war film with Chavez and Jake rollicking about with guns blazing.
Luke  Posted on: 11:44 PM - Monday September 12, 2011
Just finished watching Jericho for the first time.
Best show I've seen.
Absolute bastards for cancelling.
I hope they really do make a movie!
Kay  Posted on: 07:36 PM - Wednesday September 07, 2011
Leave it to CBS to cancel a show. This is a great show with a great story to it. Plus, every episode left wanting more. There are very few show I watch on TV and this show is one of the best.

Bring it back!
Rahul  Posted on: 01:25 AM - Wednesday September 07, 2011
If CBS cancels Jericho for a third season, I think everyone and anyone who gives a damn about this country of ours, should simply sign an agreement to boycot CBS. Jericho is the most realistic, thought provoking, (not to mention Skeet Ulrich) show ever. I feel like I know these people, their struggle and their fight for freedom is to be aplauded. I love this show, Please BRING JERICHO BACK!
Keith Butler Posted on: 10:36 AM - Saturday February 19, 2011
GREAT SHOW. Must bring it back soon. A movie at the theatre would be great also.
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