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johnston green Posted on: 08:45 PM - Friday June 14, 2013
bring it back now! we need jericho to liveeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hayley Johnson Posted on: 05:25 PM - Friday June 14, 2013
Just got hooked on Jericho, and sped through both seasons in less than a week. This is just proof that the fanbase can still grow! Come on, Netflix!
Paolo Cotton Posted on: 04:24 PM - Thursday June 13, 2013
recently finished watching Jericho seasons 1 and 2 for the first time and loved every moment. Its a great programme well full of engaging characters and storylines and deserves at least another or two. So come on Netflix what are you waiting for please bring it back soon
Jake Green Posted on: 07:23 PM - Monday June 10, 2013
This show was such an inspirational movement. With all the war going on outside of our countries we forget about the one we're having within it. Some day these events could happen. It's a life lesson. I'm pro-Jericho resurrection. Plllllllease Netflix. So many fans would continue or begin to purchase Netflix because of it.
daniel bidney Posted on: 08:35 PM - Saturday June 08, 2013
Enter your comments here...look if you're all serious about getting a show on air we should make a petition bring it to the network just talking about it online is not going to bring the show back it was an amazing show and we need it back so lets do this season 3 bitch netflix can do it they got the money
si  Posted on: 09:15 PM - Friday June 07, 2013
Bring it back! I love that show ! its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE BRING IT BACK!
Posted on: 09:14 PM - Friday June 07, 2013
Bring it back NOW! Its way better than all those crappy shows!bring it back! bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!bring it back!
anonymous person Posted on: 09:10 PM - Friday June 07, 2013
im at the end of Jericho season 2. i just need one more episode though. im trying not to watch it because i dont want it end so quickly! Please !!!!!! bring it back! its sort of better than the walking dead because come on, zombies? but we are talking about bombs here! i mean this could actually happen! that is why it should be bought back!
Dawn Logan Posted on: 08:21 PM - Thursday June 06, 2013
Jericho is such an amazing TV show! It truly deserves to be renewed for a third season (although hopefully it will continue far past that!). The characters are very three dimensional and it has a great plotline. Although it might be starting a new story loop, it is definitely a worthwhile and interesting development that deserves to be watched. I am really hoping and looking forward to it being renewed by Netflix. Please do it Netflix!
G Nettum Posted on: 02:53 PM - Thursday May 30, 2013
Oh, man. I really want another season of this amazing tv-show.
David Hemmingsen Posted on: 10:46 AM - Wednesday May 29, 2013
When I first got Netflix, Jericho was one of the first things I watched. I had never heard of the show before, but I loved it! Please bring back season 3!
Joe  Posted on: 08:55 AM - Wednesday May 29, 2013
I support Netflix in bringing back Jericho, plus I am already a paying customer :-).
Wendy  Posted on: 01:50 PM - Friday May 24, 2013
For the latest Jericho news and info on how to help get Jericho back, go to:
Mike D Posted on: 07:45 PM - Monday May 20, 2013
I never watched Jericho when it was on t.v. I thought it looked dumb, and I was stupid not to give it a chance. I can believe the low ratings as I know a lot of people got into it after it was cancelled. One season is usually not enough to get people hooked. My mom loved the show, so I finally gave it a chance earlier this year, and I fell in love, and could not believe that it got cancelled. This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. IT's up there with The walking Dead, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad. Bring it back!!!!!! Please.
Zoran Bogdanovic Posted on: 05:04 PM - Saturday May 18, 2013
Gah, forgot the link

Here we go :
Zoran Bogdanovic Posted on: 05:03 PM - Saturday May 18, 2013
Also, this should be worth the read! Showing why it may have been cancelled.

Who believes the whole "low rating" story anyways? The show rocked!
Zoran Bogdanovic Posted on: 04:58 PM - Saturday May 18, 2013
This show is great! I loved to watch in back in 2006, and I hope we are contributing to a new season (perhaps).
Mike Foreigner Posted on: 10:18 AM - Saturday May 18, 2013
I do solemnly swear that Jericho is one of the few shows that REALLY deserves a renewal. Seriously.
Gwen Mackenzie Posted on: 01:26 PM - Friday May 17, 2013
For the latest Jericho news and info on how to help get Jericho back, go to:
Natasha Walters Posted on: 02:50 PM - Thursday May 16, 2013
I have Watched every episode of Jericho on Netflix and became obsessed! I was disappointed to find that the show ended during is second season with only 7 episodes..I want to know whats next! I love the characters and the story of Jericho, I want to know whats next. Please bring the show back!!
Dru Jones Posted on: 12:56 AM - Tuesday May 14, 2013
Jericho was such an awesome show. Please bring it back!
half c Posted on: 10:52 PM - Saturday April 06, 2013
this is such a great show - love it on Netflix
if it can be brought back it should be
Jenn Miller Posted on: 02:08 PM - Thursday April 04, 2013
We need Jericho back! I'm completely addicted as well as several of my friends And family! Come on Netflix and CBS you should be able to make This happen!
Cora Meza Posted on: 12:31 PM - Wednesday April 03, 2013
I loved this show. I sat down to just check it out and was quickly drawn into the story. I felt as if I was a part of it. There are people that have tried to break it down but if you are a normal person watching it for entertainment purposes I think you will love it. I did !
Micha, Taylor Posted on: 01:56 AM - Wednesday April 03, 2013
Jericho is up there on my list of all time favorite shows. I may say it was better than The Walking Dead has been so far. So short, why the hell did it end?
Lee-Ann  Clary Posted on: 08:30 PM - Tuesday April 02, 2013
Please bring back Jericho ....!! Amazing series. Skeet Ulrich was made for Jericho . Amazing actor . I cannot tell you how much this show meant to me . It was realistic and nonstop on the edge of your seat "great" !! Please bring it back for a 3 rd season . Jericho was amazing !!!!!!! The writers were phenomenal !! Please . !! The green boys ... Live in the heart of Jericho !! God bless!!
Brandi Stinnett Posted on: 08:17 PM - Tuesday April 02, 2013
Wow, I need more Jericho! Great series but way TOO short...
Mason Zelda Posted on: 11:27 AM - Sunday March 31, 2013
I was glued to this show for a solid two weeks, i love this show.... NETFLIX PLEASE BRING IT BACK...
Patrick Zick Posted on: 07:10 PM - Wednesday March 27, 2013
Shows now a days have such boring writng and bring in really low ratings. This show brought in good ratings for two years and got cancelled. The story was realistic and the show had decent actors-but we all want and NEED to know what is going to happen next. Isnt that enough to bring it back?? I hope more people sound off for this show, I loved it and will watch anything new that hits the air!!
David  Posted on: 08:06 PM - Tuesday March 26, 2013
Please bring Jericho back! Come on Netflix!
cisco gonzalez Posted on: 10:10 PM - Monday March 25, 2013
Josh Blade Posted on: 07:43 PM - Saturday March 23, 2013
I Have Watched Every Episode Of Jericho
After I Watched It Everything Else Was Boring
So I watched It All Again After I Watched It Again
I Watched It Again To Make A Long Story Short I Watched It All
7 Times Please Bring It Back
Chris Lopez Posted on: 08:12 AM - Monday March 18, 2013
I remember this show when it first aired but never had time to watch it cuz of work. I started again last night on Netflix and didnt go to bed Til 4 a.m. ! Bring this show back!
jack  bauer Posted on: 12:34 PM - Sunday March 17, 2013
I just found this show on Netflix watched every episode in a weekend man was I hooked....Bring it back its awesome
Erin  Goff Posted on: 02:50 PM - Monday March 11, 2013
Please bring this show back.. With all the "doomsday" preppers, and Walking dead... This show was ahead of its time... We want it back!! :)
andrew mullin Posted on: 04:14 PM - Saturday March 09, 2013
come on netflix be a big-man, step up to the plate and revive one of the best shows in recent years... takes peoples focus off the mindless drivel that is reality television and give us a reason to want more
Josh  Posted on: 02:11 PM - Saturday March 09, 2013
Just started watching on Netflix, skeptical at first because acting was not that great but then it grows on you and I think its a terrific show. Like True Blood, acting sub par at best but it is awesome! Did some reading and found out season 3 & 4 are a comic book series. Wish they would put back on the air, at least give us some closure :(
KC Thompson Posted on: 06:14 PM - Friday March 08, 2013
I'll watch every episode they put out, if it comes back on.
It was an amazingly written show.
Austin S Posted on: 01:04 PM - Sunday March 03, 2013
I'll do whatever I can to get this series back. It's by far the best series out there, and I was so into it too! What can I do to help?
Jacob Moos Posted on: 10:04 PM - Saturday March 02, 2013
This show had its up and downs but in the end it left with a story untold and limitless possibilities the show improved rapidly but was put under difficult circumstances everyone knows how hard tuesdays shows can be to survive give it a god time and advertise and see how fast your viewrs will grow
Heather Wilkinsob Posted on: 04:16 PM - Saturday March 02, 2013
I have spent the last two weeks watching Jericho on Netflix and can NOT believe how such an amazing show got cancelled! I was hooked after the first episode!!! I am saddened that it ended so suddenly!! Someone, PLEASE bring it back! Come on Netflix!
Estel Terrance Posted on: 09:34 PM - Sunday February 24, 2013
This show with it 's excellent cast deserves to have more seasons. I love this series. It is fresh and a very welcome change from ridiculous reality Tv.
Brendon Fabian Posted on: 12:30 PM - Friday February 22, 2013
Just watched the ending of Jericho. There NEEDS to be another season. I need closure for what happened with an ending like that!!!!! Jericho was one of the best series' i have ever seen, WE MUST HAVE MORE!!!!!!!!!!
Claudia  Posted on: 10:29 AM - Friday February 22, 2013
This show is really good, they should finish what they started. I'm so upset because I want to see the ending, not just a last episode.
Jared Anderson Posted on: 11:50 PM - Thursday February 21, 2013
Okay... I'm seriously going to freaking cry I love this series so much! How is the deal going? Is it happening?!?!? OMG WE WANT JERICHO BACK!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would pay $100000000000 if I could to make it happen!!!! I love JERICHO!
Trey  Posted on: 09:32 AM - Thursday February 21, 2013
how does it feel to make history how is that a good ending
trey  Posted on: 09:24 AM - Thursday February 21, 2013
send packegs of nuts to cbs
Chris Harper Posted on: 02:27 PM - Wednesday February 20, 2013
This show is amazing!!! I have watched both seasons several times! Bring it back!!!
Steven Tourville Posted on: 06:21 PM - Friday February 15, 2013
You have my vote and support BRING JERICHO BACK... 2013 JERICHO REVOLUTION HAS BEGAN!!!!!!
Alysse Graziano Posted on: 11:52 AM - Monday February 11, 2013
I found this on Netflix a few months ago , started the 1st episode and realized it was cancelled after the second season so put off watching it because I knew i'd be heartbroken once the last episode ended . My boyfriend & I being so into what the show was about , decided to sit down lastnight to watch it on Netflix despite the early ending . 24 hours straight , we finished season 1 & 2 . I have never in my life been so into a show . I cried knowing I just watched something that will never be able to be continued unless through what I saw on Barnes & Noble - a third season comic . NOT GOOD ENOUGH . Bring Jericho back for another season but on Netflix !!!!! Please !!!
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