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Al AN Posted on: 07:30 AM - Thursday April 26, 2012
Just got through watching Jericho a few days ago and really enjoyed it! Actors were great, story line great, overall just a GREAT show. Would really like to see continue with the same actors. Think the show would be extremely popular today.
Alyssa Carmona Posted on: 10:21 PM - Sunday April 22, 2012
Jericho was such a great show! There must be a way to bring it back! BRING BACK JERICHO!
lisa paine Posted on: 02:11 PM - Sunday April 22, 2012
just finshed watchin jericho and thought it was a really good show wish they would bring a season 3 on tv.. BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!
A Aden Posted on: 09:15 AM - Friday April 20, 2012
Patrick Robbins Posted on: 02:16 AM - Friday April 20, 2012
BRING BACK MY FAVORITE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please
Kyle F Posted on: 08:51 PM - Tuesday April 17, 2012
Just finsihed Jericho season 1 and 2 on Netflix. I had no idea about this show when it aired, I just thought it sounded good when looking through Netflix. I just finished the last episode and right away I went to find a site like this. WHAT HAPPENED?? There is so much more to tell! The civil war! Everything! Bring it back!!!!!
jeanie brown Posted on: 06:57 PM - Thursday April 12, 2012
I am a newby to Jericho. I love the series! Just bought Jericho season one. Watching and it is so good. I did not see it on TV. (wish I had) It is so revelant to today and what is happening in the world. (Iran and North Korea) I first heard about Jericho on a message board about Iran trying to make a nuke bomb. Someone said if you want to know what it might be like in a nuke attack watch Jericho. I immediately searched for it. Please being it back or move forward on the movie! Thanks, jeanie
Ricardo Mendoza Posted on: 03:21 PM - Thursday April 12, 2012
BRING BACK JERICHO it was a shaem and so sad when it was cancelled ypou have a lotr of story left you have war you have so many plots to go for cmon its better than a lot of shows cbs has right now we all want it so bring it back !!

victor villalongo Posted on: 10:21 PM - Tuesday April 10, 2012
sommers gaddis Posted on: 12:05 PM - Monday April 09, 2012
We need to know what happens to jericho and the world!!!! please make a season 3!!!!!
shane caskey Posted on: 06:45 PM - Thursday April 05, 2012
I heard a movie was in the make aint heard much of that gta make more of these why cancel it it was stupid people go nuts for it in the uk and we want more i mean come on u make over 100 ep of friends wtf it shite
jake greene Posted on: 06:26 PM - Wednesday April 04, 2012
Enter your comments here...
Unbelievable garbage on cbs and they cancel this show. Nuts
Hong Yuan Posted on: 05:36 PM - Wednesday April 04, 2012
I want season 3, I want to watch i so badly, i love the show!!!!
Co. Galaz Posted on: 10:29 AM - Monday April 02, 2012
Hello all,

If you checkout the twitter tab on they have been to the recent *cons* and speak with the directors/creators of the series.

They were promised an exciting annoucement about Jericho at ComiCon 2012, in July. an announcement is expected before that date as well.

Go buy the Season 3 graphic novel now! Available through IDW publishing, Amazon, and thru comixology if you have a kindle!
Jeremy Carreiro Posted on: 10:11 AM - Sunday April 01, 2012
About to finish season 2 on Netflix and order "Season 3" from a local comic book store.

This is one of the best shows I've ever watched. It's a shame it got pulled from the air.

I am looking forward to checking out the graphic novel, and hope that one day the movie will hit the silver screen.
Zebulon Batke Posted on: 04:35 PM - Thursday March 29, 2012
Wow.....I just finished the two (ONLY TWO?) seasons of this show on netflix and I can't believe that right as things really start heating up the series ends. I was up all night with no sleep because I just couldn't stop watching it. BRING THIS STORY BACK PLEASE!!!!!!
C.  Galaz Posted on: 04:12 PM - Wednesday March 28, 2012

We want Jericho back, right? RIGHT? It was recently announced during the 2011 comic con that the Season 3 (graphic novels) sales are being watched and could lead to the motion picture being made.

Go to amazon, or whatever book/comic outlet you choose and show your support for this amazing show.
Chris Hughes Posted on: 10:48 AM - Wednesday March 28, 2012
Amazing show. I stumbled upon it on netflix and I'm halfway through the episodes....I swear if I ever become rich I'm gonna personally finance season 3. Why can't these fucking executives pull their heads outta their asses and just give it a shot? Maybe with some better timeslot planning....and a bit of common sense. I've seen way crappier shows get worse ratings and still live on. LET'S GO JERICHO!
Veiwer Raiting Posted on: 07:00 PM - Tuesday March 27, 2012
more jericho!
Ben Sue Posted on: 09:43 PM - Monday March 26, 2012
Please bring Jericho back, I was hooked from the beginning, but I know that's what the first show should do, or perhaps pilot. Characters are great and they fit well, bring season 3 back. Or make an ending that this deserves. Open endings rarely work well.
Max Hullman Posted on: 09:41 PM - Sunday March 25, 2012
Why does all the best shows get cancelled??
S O Posted on: 12:00 AM - Sunday March 25, 2012
Of course, leave it to corporate executives to cancel a well put together and developed show and cancel it for..."ratings" then replace it with whatever garbage is on now.

CBS, while we would LOVE to see Jericho go on and on, we know you will not fulfill our wants, so can we meet in the middle at least? Put Season 3 in acting and on TV and make a movie, give the series an ending it deserves, not some graphic novel crap. Come on, get with it!
Marcelo Souza Posted on: 08:03 AM - Saturday March 24, 2012
Hello, I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... I saw Jericho on my Netflix... It's one of the best series I've ever seen... I don't understand why CBS did this... and I'm joining you guys: I want Jericho back on 2012!!!

There are many other Brazilian fans that wants the same!!!

CBS, please bring Jericho back !!!
Jason Gazy Posted on: 07:12 PM - Tuesday March 20, 2012
Yeh what's the deal? I never get to watch tv because I travel so shows like Jericho I fall inlove with but just found out its done Cant you big ass studios go direct to netflix or give sifi a shot at it.
Alexandre  Poudrier Posted on: 10:13 AM - Tuesday March 20, 2012
Hello all Jericho Rangers,

I'm a huge fan of the actor Skeet Ulrich (probably the biggest fan in the world)), and i remember the first time i have watch the tv series Jericho in 2006. The first scene show Skeet Ulrich as the character of Jake Green come back to her old town... Amazing and hopefull are the only word can designed this great tv show named ''Jericho'', but the CBS television canceled the series twice... That's very sad...

Now we are in 2012 and all i've changed, the bigger difference is the Rangers (Jericho fans) are more to more will to bring back Jericho.

Please even don't stopping to like and comment on the Facebook page of Save Jericho! Read all the Jericho Bi-Montly Announcements write by The Rat Keeper, i promise you the Jericho tv series cannot died !

The Jericho tv show gonna really come back in 2012 !!

Ps : Please don't stop the blow-up the official Facebook page of CBS with message of bringning back Jericho.

Thanks to have read my comment here.

n n
Alexandre Poudrier
Bryan S. Posted on: 06:47 PM - Sunday March 18, 2012
Got addicted to watching Jericho once I discovered it on netflix. Sad to see the last of the seven episodes of season 2. My wife and I will surely miss winding down with it. Thank for the season and a half Jerico
Dale Jay Posted on: 02:35 PM - Friday March 16, 2012
One of the most amazing shows, I've just finished watching them all, what an amazing show! Please bring this show back it would mean alot! The Show is just so intersing BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!
tim berry Posted on: 09:00 PM - Thursday March 15, 2012
Rafael Paiva Posted on: 11:16 AM - Thursday March 15, 2012
My wife and I also discovered Jericho in Netflix and we were addicted to it inmediatly, we are almost finishing season 1 but we are sad because we know that season 2 is very short and the series was cancelled, so, no more episodescoming. This should change, we hope Abc considers our opinion.
Steven  Posted on: 06:46 PM - Tuesday March 13, 2012
Jericho is a great show! I used to watch it on tv every week and I just discovered it was on netflix. Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger about the next Civil War and it needs to come back. There is a book on season 3 but it needs to be made into different shows on every week or one movie. I want to see how it plays out and what will happen to America. Great show!!!!
Trevor H Posted on: 10:42 PM - Sunday March 11, 2012
Discovered Jericho on Netflix. Great show. I think if someone picks it up and makes more they will have more viewers than previously since its more well known now.
Dave  Posted on: 04:48 PM - Sunday March 11, 2012
My wife and I just found Jericho on Netflix this week all I can say is wow. We finished the entire series and I want more episodes lol. It would be great if AMC picked it up for more seasons. It was really a great show I cant say that enough.
David D. Posted on: 10:08 AM - Sunday March 11, 2012
An original. It is a true shame that networks and producers do not do more to properly wrap-up story lines prior to show cancellation. This show should not have been cancelled like it was. I'm surprised that it could not have been picked up by another network. There are certainly worse shows on See-Fee and this one would have raised their schedule. Well, I hope they are able to create a movie and continue from where they left off in Season Two.
Deborah Yost Posted on: 10:11 PM - Monday March 05, 2012
Truly a GREAT show. Fantastic acting. The actors really work well together. One of the best shows I have EVER seen in all of my 51 years. I think it was cancelled because of it's realistic quality and a 2nd American Civil War content. The big question is who do we write to to try and get it back?
Jason  Posted on: 08:25 PM - Sunday March 04, 2012
You have a good show and a legit one at that. That could really happen that's why the show was great because it was realeastic and no made up super over the top mess. Seasons two ended with a shitty holt and left too many questions to be answered. A movie would be awesome, but these guys are good for a couple more series at least a third to properly end the show, but nooooo the bums cut it short. Gggggrrrrrrr!!!
jenny brown Posted on: 11:50 PM - Saturday March 03, 2012
Enter your comments here...It sucks that all the good shows get cancelled. I guess it makes sense since we don't watch tv in real time anymore...only netflix or hulu. No commercials and you can choose what you want. Too bad. I loved this series I just discovered on netflix.
Kathie  Posted on: 08:10 PM - Wednesday February 29, 2012
This was one of the best series on TV, had real heart and you could relate to the charecters. I can't understand why we end up with so many series and reality shows that bore you to tears but a classic like this is taken off. Please bring back & do season 3 or a movie don't just leave us fans hanging.
Mr. Jackal Posted on: 08:56 PM - Monday February 27, 2012
Jericho is one of the few good shows that kept originality no one does that anymore so what needs to be done to get this piece of art back on the air???
Chantay George Posted on: 12:19 AM - Monday February 27, 2012
We want Jericho back as a T. V. Series. The fans have spoken.
Claude Baines Posted on: 09:07 PM - Thursday February 23, 2012
One theory about the cancellation was that the real Jenning&Rawl called them and told them to take it down.. but then thats ridiculous.. right?
Sydney Barrow Posted on: 12:02 PM - Tuesday February 21, 2012
Just finished watching Jericho on Netflix! What a great show and so much potential left! I'm a huge fan and would love to see a movie or even better, more episodes. Please give all of us enthusiastic fans some more Jericho!!
Dragon fly Posted on: 01:43 PM - Saturday February 18, 2012
Like many I started watching Jericho on Netflix. I was hooked at first episode. I never realized it was on TV/CBS because I stopped vesting in any TV shows that mostly turn out to be lame.I am beyond sick of the trashy reality tv shows and dumbed down sitcoms trying to pathetically and poorly address "social issues" in a so not funny comedic light. I loved Jericho - from the acting to the brilliant writing and character and plot development - all brilliant. So many moral lessons portrayed in a realistic way. I could build a high school or college course around how these survivors handle themselves. Jericho was great TV for the family. The powers that be should consider bringing Jericho back.
yousef saheb j Posted on: 10:39 PM - Friday February 17, 2012
i just finished watching jericho and im pretty sad that there was no real ending because it was canceled , im suprised that how could a tv series with more then 6million viewers get canceled ? jericho was not only exciting but also showing people truths about companies and governments . we should get the show back . we should make a new fan based page on FB , twiter and everything els , letting the producers know that people still want jericho series .
April Holmes Posted on: 04:40 PM - Friday February 17, 2012
I only recently discovered the TV series Jericho and it only took me two days altogether due to the lack of episodes. I believe it was a premature cancellation, and didn't allow for the plot to thicken nor develop. I'm from the UK and watching said things on the CBS site is unavailable for other regions, which was also saddening. If Jericho is brought back I would be so fricking happy, that show widens so many emotions and makes you feel in a whole different world while watching it. I think cancelling it wasn't a good decision at all, especially with all the crap that's still about on telly. The programme didn't have bad ratings either way, so I still don't understand why it was cancelled, just to crush fans hearts. :(
Taylor P. Posted on: 03:46 AM - Thursday February 16, 2012
The only show on CBS that I loved. Jericho has such a good story to it and I would love to see at least the season finished. Please... By the grace of all that is holy... Put this show back on.
Michael Root Posted on: 02:48 PM - Tuesday February 14, 2012
One of the greatest Tv shows of our time, cancelled for no serious reason, the show needs to come back as either a new season, or a movie to Finish it. I agree full with Austin walls on resending the 23,000 lbs of nuts, but we should take it past that, everyone show get everyone you know to QUIT WATCHING ALL CBS shows till the bring back the show!
Gordon Bull Posted on: 09:22 PM - Sunday February 12, 2012
Want my Jericho back bad, all my shows now are not CBS you hear me ? Walking Dead and SOA and Falling Skies, you listening CBS ???
Tae  Posted on: 03:20 PM - Saturday February 11, 2012
Awesome show!!! The return of Jericho would be awesome !!! It has you on edge not knowing what is going to happen. I have watched the series twice in the past six months. Actually just finished the last episode.... Kind of depressing. It shouldnt have ended like that. They made history. But there is still so much that needs to be done. Whoms ever idea it was to stop Jericho is a fool and should be fired. Y'all didn't even give it a full two seasons before pulling it. WHY???? Please bring Jericho back.
chris farrugia Posted on: 12:04 PM - Thursday February 09, 2012
It was an interesting series it is a shame they canceled it there could have been much more to the story and I would love to watch more. I watched on Netflix
Matthew Stewart Posted on: 11:19 PM - Monday February 06, 2012
Half way through series. It is heartbreaking that there isn't more please bring it back you got this!
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