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Mike  Carpenter Posted on: 10:55 PM - Sunday October 28, 2012
i just watched both seasons in 3 days on netflix and i am in love, i cant believe that they canceled the show please bring it back or have something to finish everything off.
amy clauson Posted on: 10:19 PM - Sunday October 28, 2012
Love Jericho!! Please bring back an awesome show! Can't get enough! They have to do more seasons and not leave us fans hanging!! Please Netflix get this show back on!
Eric Butash Posted on: 01:41 PM - Saturday October 27, 2012
What a great show. Watching it on Netflix. Start a Jericho movement...tell 10 friends to watch the first 3 shows.
Hunter Study Posted on: 09:42 PM - Wednesday October 24, 2012
Please please please bring it back its the best on Netflix all the other shows are boring
Bruce  Valentine Posted on: 11:48 AM - Sunday October 21, 2012
Enter your comments here...I loved this show!!! BRING IT BaCK!! whoever decided that it was a good idea to cancel this amazing work of broadcast engeniuos needs to be excicuted in public. when can we expect a season 3. repair the second half season 2 and get people up to speed and let's see what happens to Jericho for many seasons to come as it deserves
Kaleigh Duncan Posted on: 11:17 AM - Sunday October 21, 2012
I finished watching today & am SO SAD! Bring Jericho back!!!
Jason Mele Posted on: 10:44 PM - Friday October 19, 2012
This show was fantastic, its an absolute shame it was cancelled. The series ended with so many unanswered questions, there's plenty of storyline left for this series to come back. I hope it returns, preferably with the same cast, the acting was outstanding and the premise was very realistic IMO.
Ryan DeMars Posted on: 03:13 PM - Monday October 15, 2012
This has to be one of the best shows I have ever watched.
The story is great, the characters are well thought out, and these days with everything around the world happening its even plausable. My family and I would all sit down and watch this show. Its too bad that the show wasn't on the right chanel originally because this would never have been canceled!. Please bring this show back. The main stream chanel that brings this series back won't be sorry.
Jonathan dixon Posted on: 03:53 PM - Sunday October 14, 2012
One of the most entertaining shows I've watch in a long time i was very disappointed that it was cancelled. i really hope that Tetflix and cbs bring it back for all of us Jericho fans to enjoy
A. Ocampo Posted on: 05:01 PM - Saturday October 13, 2012
Great show! It has a huge potencial! I watched in Netflix.
Eric B Posted on: 12:26 PM - Friday October 12, 2012
Amazing show! CBS! Get your act together and get Season 3 going, Cmon!
Collette Reese Posted on: 06:27 PM - Saturday October 06, 2012
I love this show. I seriously hope that CBS and Netflix can pull this together to bring it back (with the original characters/actors). I love the relationship between Emily and Jake.
Brad M Posted on: 02:09 PM - Tuesday October 02, 2012
Picked up Season 1 at a pawn shop. One of my Best buys ever. It had me hooked from the word GO. Incredible cast. Great writing. Got emotionally invested.......only to find out it was canceled after a short season 2. I refuse to believe this didn't have any viewers when it was on the air. Couldn't ask for a better quality tv show. It should have been promoted as the next best thing to sliced bread. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Robert Owen Posted on: 11:13 AM - Saturday September 29, 2012
I just recently started watching this series on Netflix...HOLY CRAP! My wife and I are addicted to it, we usually watch a show every other night now trying to extend it out. It had everything and with all the doom and gloom people are watching now...Walking Dead and shows like it, this fits right in to what people are trending towards now. Netflix has a HUGE opportunity right now to not just stream movies, but follow in the footsteps of showtime and HBO and Create a Netflix tv series. I'm available for consulting just sayin'. BRING THIS BACK, expected "Nuts" in a few days netflix.
Issac Daniels Posted on: 07:59 AM - Friday September 28, 2012
I swear if I have to watch anymore of the garbage on tv anymore , I'm gonna Help John blow up Cheyenne . Please bring one of the great shows back so it can live up to its potential . I don't watch alot of tv simply because it's uninteresting and bs . But every now and then I catch a show that brings me back to the old days when tv was something the family would wait the whole week and plan a special dinner where everyone would crowd up on the couch and eat , watch and be a family . This is one of those . Hell I didn't start watching 2.5 men till like the 7th or 8th season , you had me hooked from the pilot .
John Smith Posted on: 01:04 AM - Friday September 28, 2012
Bring back Jericho or I will bomb Cheyenne and J&R.
Logan Hinson Posted on: 08:58 AM - Thursday September 27, 2012
Please bring back Jericho, Jericho is my favorite show of all time. I would die to see reborn again with same cast/crew EVERYTHING!! Bring it BACK!
karen raber Posted on: 06:43 PM - Tuesday September 25, 2012
Jericho is one of the most riveting shows we've ever watched. I tore through it in a matter of days because I just couldn't turn it off. My husband tore through both seasons in one weekend because he was so captivated. Please bring Jericho back! Also: The Event and No Ordinary Family, Bring them all back they never got a fair shake. These days people don't watch shows on network tv because they are only on at a specific time. They don't find their fanbase until they are available on streaming, namely Netflix.
J Taylor Posted on: 06:46 PM - Monday September 24, 2012
This show is pretty amazing
I saw that it was one of the most popular shows on netflix so I gave it a try, I turned it off after 5-10 minutes because I got bored, the next day I decided to give it another try and I could not put it down. This show is so good and I wish they will decide to make another season and continue making even a 4th season, I cant stop thinking about this show and what it could be
Come on CBS don't be stupid!!!!
Rich Roll  Posted on: 02:09 PM - Sunday September 23, 2012
Just watched it on netflix as well. What an awesome show! Shouldnt have been canceled, looked kind of low budget to begin with but very well done. Im really hoping for a movie, not into comics and no chance of checking those out with any possibility that a movie could still be coming..
Dennis utley Posted on: 12:05 AM - Saturday September 22, 2012
Ditto to all the comments!!!! Its the best series I have ever seen. I really wish they would bring it back!!
David Kellen Posted on: 11:30 AM - Thursday September 20, 2012
I'm watching the series on Netflix now. WOW!!! I can't believe that it was cancelled. What an incredible show. Strong plot, characters with alot of depth, great acting, riveting show. Why oh Why? Could it be that it hit too close to home? (maybe a secret terrorist group was behind the cancellation.)

Anyway, what a great show!
lindsey kurtzer Posted on: 11:18 PM - Tuesday September 18, 2012
I saw all the shows and was upset to find out that they left the show unfinished. I hate when shows do that and when they leave the ending like they did. I want to see them make more shows.
Richard Schwartz Posted on: 01:56 AM - Tuesday September 18, 2012
Whooo Hoo I posted a comment 5 years after the last one!!
Mark Douglas Posted on: 03:40 PM - Monday September 17, 2012
I found this show about a week ago, never heard of it before. I raced through this, i seen 22 episodes for season 1 thought i'd another day or two of decent tv, sickened when i realised we'd hit the last episode on netflix. Gotta have at least another season.
Dale Radcliff Jr. Posted on: 01:28 AM - Saturday September 15, 2012
Wow. I just found out about Jericho at the beginning of the week and I just finish the last episode of the 2nd series a few minutes ago. I hate TV, and it's hard for me to get hooked on a show but I must say Jericho is probably the best Television series I've ever watched. It was a huge let down to end it where the last episode did and the show to be canceled. Bring Jericho back!!!
Jon K Posted on: 06:18 PM - Monday September 10, 2012
I just watched this series like many people on here. I thought it was one of the best I've watched and was really disappointed it was canceled. Bring it back!
Zach  Posted on: 05:21 PM - Sunday September 09, 2012
I just discovered this show last week and decided I might as well try it. After the first episode I had to watch them all I couldn't stop this may be my favorite show of all time I would be very happy if it has a couple more seasons
Debbie O Posted on: 08:54 PM - Saturday September 08, 2012
By far the best series I have watched. I knew this show when it aired and watched some episodes but life didn't line up with time slot. It a shame that television is filled with trash reality shows. This is a quality show that puts life into perspective. I just watched this entire series in 3 days. Addicting and consuming. CBS should have kept this show going and done more to promote it. Thank you to Netflix. Help bring this back.
Chris LeBrun Posted on: 12:47 PM - Saturday September 08, 2012
I hope that the rumors I've herd are true about bringing back this amazing show
Jodi Bretz Posted on: 04:43 AM - Thursday September 06, 2012
Awesome show!!!! Really wish they would bring it back
Tim Kremer Posted on: 01:19 AM - Thursday September 06, 2012
I absolutely hate that show being cancelled! My girl friend and I just finished season 2 episode 7 on Netflix! We don't understand why it was cancelled! that show is one of the best show's I've seen!! We really hope to see it come back, and this time, go to the very end!!! GREAT SHOW!!!!
casey wright Posted on: 03:31 AM - Wednesday September 05, 2012
i found it on netflix watched it all and then had a friends over and happend to be watching it again and they are sucked in. i can under stand why the rating what down but people wake up this could happen and to me it gave knowledge what to could happen and then to be abel to act on it and do the good thing we need to do LOVE JERICHO ALWAYS WILL !!!BRING IT BACK!!!
Jack Dryden Posted on: 11:43 PM - Tuesday September 04, 2012
One of the best shows. They should bring the show back but at the very least a movie.
Steven B Posted on: 12:01 AM - Tuesday September 04, 2012
I just recently discovered Jericho and became addicted. Unfortunately there is no more to watch. Bring it back! The story needs to be finished.
Jodie  Posted on: 06:42 AM - Monday September 03, 2012
Enter your comments here...My husband and I just discovered Jericho on Netflix and LOVE it. Please bring it back PLEASE
C Arce Posted on: 12:53 AM - Wednesday August 29, 2012
Bring JERICHO back! Please! I love this show! Let's send CBS some NUTS! Lol!
benny parker Posted on: 08:00 PM - Tuesday August 28, 2012
Enter your comments and my wife love this show. Please keep it going.
C Simon Posted on: 03:09 PM - Tuesday August 28, 2012
Just finished watching season 2 on Netflix. Can't believe that's how it ends. I will never understand how they can cancel shows on a cliff hanger like that. This show is seriously worth bringing back. I honesty don't even remember heading about it on tv and to think it was on CBS makes it obvious they didn't do enough to advertise the show. This would be great on amc or if Netflix did pick it up. I'd watch it.
Valerie Hill Posted on: 11:57 AM - Tuesday August 28, 2012
Pls oh pls bring it back.
Amanda Stambaugh Posted on: 10:46 PM - Sunday August 26, 2012
I'm with everyone else with needing to bring Jericho back! The show is addicting and draws you in! We can only hope that some day they'll bring it back, however until then I will be satisfied with the complete Season 3 of the comics and the start of Season 4! Cant wait for each of the comic books to arrive at my local comic shop!
harry robinson Posted on: 09:32 PM - Sunday August 26, 2012
WOW! I just watched the two seasons of Jericho and have not slept for two days because i watched one episode after another on Netflix! It was addicting! But at the same time a cruel thing for the shows makers to leave people hanging. If they are going to cancel a show like that without an ending, the least they could do is film an ending to give the shows fans a bit of closure! If the Network had promoted the show a bit better i believe more people would have been aware of the shows existence! I know i never knew about it. All i can say is that it is by far one of the best shows i have ever watched and know i join all the multitude in praying for a revival of the show! "Netflix" Please go for it!!!!!
Scott  Gilliland Posted on: 12:07 PM - Sunday August 26, 2012
AMC would like another fantastic show for their lineup.
Continue to tell the story of Jericho, please.
L Mayo Posted on: 02:43 PM - Wednesday August 22, 2012
Jericho is my favorite series.... I've watched it in its entirety several times.

Please bring my friends back for another season. I miss them and wonder how they are.
Christopher Kent Posted on: 01:31 PM - Wednesday August 22, 2012
Nic E Posted on: 05:52 PM - Sunday August 19, 2012
Please, please, please, for all that is good and holy, bring back Jericho. I may be satisfied with a movie version at least! Literally my favorite show, completely engrossing and just phenomenal!
Tristan L Posted on: 07:25 PM - Sunday August 12, 2012
Mikey Willoughby Posted on: 07:58 AM - Sunday August 12, 2012
Enter your comments here...Best TV show ever. Please bring it back. I would love to see a new season.
Greg  Rodie Posted on: 02:02 AM - Saturday August 11, 2012
I think that the show ended at a good spot, considering it ended. I bet they knew the ending was coming, and brought the story really fast to where it ended. Think about it...they waisted the first half of the season dealing with people hanging out, and divorces, ect...which is fine if they had 5 seasons like they probably planned.

If they knew they only had 31 episodes to tell this story, I guarantee they wouldn't have spent so much time building the characters.
Tiffany Howard Posted on: 07:21 AM - Thursday August 09, 2012
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING JERICHO BACK!!! I just finished watching all the episodes on Season 1 and 2 on Netflix and it was, to say the least, PHENOMENAL!!! The actors are the perfect fit for the roles and its just such a good tv show. It keeps you on your seat waiting for more and all the twists and turns in the show is just what a lot of viewers like and to end it with no ending as a series is just plain WRONG for all the viewers who plead for more. So please for the sake of all of us "Jericho" lovers, bring the show back for us for at least a season finale - season 3. PLEEEAASSEE!
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