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nick t Posted on: 08:14 AM - Saturday February 09, 2013
Bring back jericho it was the best show. Many people including myself watch it over and over again on netflix. Its a crazy good show please bring it back. please! please! please! please! please! please! bring it back!
Carlos Perez Posted on: 02:43 AM - Wednesday February 06, 2013
CBS you suck!!!!!!!!!!! just finish the last ep. on netflix today and i love it!!!!!!!!!! and again CBS U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring it back netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joey Westerlund Posted on: 12:56 PM - Monday February 04, 2013
Watched it on netflix and fell in love! Bring it back!
Diana  M Posted on: 01:14 AM - Sunday February 03, 2013
Well, finished up the very last episode of Jericho tonight on Netflix!! I am in love with this show...such good television that I am finding no where else.
Trent Gillette Posted on: 12:40 AM - Saturday February 02, 2013
The only meaningful tv show the exposes real life and how people are and can become. A show for Americans. The best series of all times. You gay liberal gun hating people will run to us for protection when this really happens. The best show if all times. It has everthing that real people want in a show. The group of people that are patriots
Shawn Parsons Posted on: 10:13 PM - Sunday January 27, 2013
What does it take to bring back this show its amazing! I watch it over andover its"NUTS"
Jason Anderson Posted on: 02:48 PM - Sunday January 27, 2013
BRING BACK JERICHO In 2013 !!! Bring Season 3 !!!
M Whitley Posted on: 01:07 PM - Sunday January 27, 2013
Please bring this show back for a season 3!!!!!!
Naomie Tetlow Posted on: 07:26 PM - Thursday January 17, 2013
I love, love, love jericho and I really do wish cbs would make more season's... I miss watching the show!
M. Kenny Posted on: 08:34 PM - Tuesday January 08, 2013
Amazing show, I can't believe it ended after so few seasons! I wish they'd bring it back!!
Grayson Waite Posted on: 11:55 AM - Sunday January 06, 2013
Best show ever. Bring it back. Only show that is about as good is walking dead
Sonny  Eagleton Posted on: 09:59 PM - Thursday January 03, 2013
Bring Jericho back!!!
Peyton Wilson Posted on: 07:40 PM - Thursday January 03, 2013
Please Please Please bring Jericho back we Love it!!!
Nikolaj F. Posted on: 01:34 PM - Thursday January 03, 2013
Watched Jericho on netflix, it's an awesome show and deserves a revival. Never heard about Jericho before I saw it on Netflix, but now that i know about it, im hoping the show will be brought back.

Cheers from Denmark
Jessica Weber Posted on: 01:32 AM - Thursday January 03, 2013
I'm freaking out. I just started this series out and I am in love with it already. Just finished the 1st season and was dreading starting season 2 because that meant the end. I really hope Netflix can get season 3 to happen!!
Anthony Stephenson Posted on: 02:53 PM - Tuesday January 01, 2013
Jericho is my favorite series, if they start another series, im gonna freak out!
Chris  H Posted on: 01:01 PM - Wednesday December 26, 2012
Every time I got into a new show it gets cancelled. 'Terra nova' got cancelled and now Jericho. This show needs to come back ASAP!
Screw how much it cuts deep for some people, it was a damn good show that depicted what COULD happen at any time and that the government is as twisted as a wire coat hanger.
Bring back Jericho!!
John Griffith Posted on: 09:18 PM - Sunday December 23, 2012
Amazes me that shows like Jersey Shore or other mindless shows survive when a show like Jericho gets cancelled. Bring this show Back!!!!!
Bkj  Posted on: 06:00 PM - Thursday December 13, 2012
Enter your comments here...

I was part of the original NUTS campaign on the CBS boards to get Jericho back. The last post on the web I see about a Jericho movie in development was in 2009. Are there still talks of a movie? I haven't been involved in the fight to get the show back for a long time and yet I google Jericho and still see that people haven't given up. People still want the show back!!!!! That just shows how great this show is and why Netflix needs to pick it up. Robert Hawkins will go down in history as one of my favorite CIA characters of all time. This show NEEDS to return to Netflix and ultimately the big screen!
K6jericho  Posted on: 06:12 PM - Wednesday December 12, 2012
Fans are NUTTING Netflix for talks to continue for JERICHO season 3! Joing the NEW NUTS campaign!

Press Release ...
Emily Shoemaker Posted on: 11:39 PM - Tuesday December 11, 2012
No doubt in my mind, that this show was cancelled due to political pressure. Rewatching the Netflix episodes and the issues brought uphas made this clear to me. It cuts too close to home for some
Brett P Posted on: 12:16 PM - Sunday December 09, 2012
Soooo good, bring it back!!!
Kyle Lykens Posted on: 12:50 AM - Friday December 07, 2012
I just watched all of the two seasons on Netflix in the last few days, and I loved it. I would stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning because I needed to know what happens next. The show would be great, and it needs to come back soon!
Anthony Nelessen Posted on: 06:35 PM - Wednesday December 05, 2012
I have watched Jericho on netflix because of it's limited (and good) selection, and this is by far one of the their best(Top 3) to add to their list. I cannot get enough and I want to see more! There could be so many more episodes/seasons and would get good ratings if it was advertised, and on at a reasonable time!
Dionisio carvajal Posted on: 02:45 PM - Tuesday December 04, 2012
I live in Costa Rica, and watched the 2 seasons via Netflix. Eventhough the show requires from you to be a little politically saavy about world and US, I believe the plot to be rich and exiting enough to bring big numbers. The reason it was cancelled could be that its allegory is too real, and proposes many smart ideas, but one of them too too crazy, that only Charlie Sheen was crazy enough to talk about in public.
I loved the series and wish to see a finale. Still wont loose hope, since there is always money to be made by someone with the balls.
Kristy Sharp Posted on: 01:49 AM - Tuesday December 04, 2012
Enter your comments here... Only two episodes away from finishing Jericho on Netflix and already HACKED that we only get a couple more times of this wonderful show!!!! My whole family loves this show and we want it back:(
Gavin  Roche Posted on: 05:14 PM - Monday December 03, 2012
Was lucky enough to get suggested to watch the series only by a friend. Watched all episodes on Netflix and it was the only thing I taught of for several weeks. So many ways for the series to go from here, CBS were crazy to cancel it. A possible all out second civil war? Potential world war. So many different ways you could go with this series. I know if it was brought back it would be a definite watch each week for me and sereral of my mates.
Donna Arsenault Posted on: 03:11 AM - Monday December 03, 2012
Save Jericho !!! I would watch Netflix if they did,I'm sure I'm not the only person to say this.I have been watching Jericho since it started and like to watch new episodes.Great show many surprises,The show was "Done too Soon" people were not ready for it.
Robert M Posted on: 09:53 PM - Sunday December 02, 2012
Just heard about this show at family's house over Thanksgiving. I RELUCTANTLY watched first episode out of respect for them saying it was good. 12 hours later I collapsed on episode 15. Then forced my reluctant wife and daughter watch "just 1"... A week later they have FORCED ME to watch it with them through the end. Someone is dropping the ball here. This is a money maker. People can't stop watching it... There is a reason people have websites set up, and random people feel compelled to post--like I have. AMC, Netflix, someone, get on this!!!
Marsha Petitt Posted on: 09:35 PM - Friday November 30, 2012
I have to agree with so many of these posts. This is by far one of the best shows ever made! We all know that the "reality" bit isn't really "real". This show kicks the crap out of any of the shows on today. My husband and I got stuck watching "Duck Dynasty" during Thanksgiving...I can't spell boring in more than one way, but if I could, I'd do it. What a waste of time! Jericho needs to come back!
Michael Guzman Posted on: 02:09 AM - Thursday November 29, 2012
I loved the walking dead, but i honestly love this show so much more. When I watched the last episode it was like that loud "darth vader" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wen off in my head. Quality story lines, character development and acting,THEY NEED TO BRING THIS SHOW BACK! Real TV shows, not that reality crap that seems to be on everywhere.

Amber Mitchell Posted on: 11:32 AM - Tuesday November 27, 2012
Jericho is still earning fans through facebook. this show was never advertised enough to begin with. i never even noticed it until we had netflix and now i am hooked. i am watching the two seasons for a second time. please bring back jericho!!! and advertise it!!!!!!!!!!!
Arturo  Salazar Posted on: 02:07 PM - Monday November 26, 2012
Bring it back bitches!!!!
Lydia Martinez Posted on: 02:44 PM - Friday November 23, 2012
I'm a huge fan of jericho. Please bring season 3 to Netflix. It can't end this way!!!
Tobias Svärdh Posted on: 01:16 AM - Thursday November 22, 2012
Netflix made it possible for me to watch Jericho here in Sweden and I became addicted to it! It's a really great show and they HAVE TO bring it back!
Max  Posted on: 12:40 AM - Thursday November 22, 2012
Gosh! I remember when I watched this show I was in like 3rd grade. My mom did the costumes on it and I got to meet the whole cast! Rewatching it on Netflix for the past 3 days have been so amazing. The whole storyline is just so much better than all the old shows! I just found the scripts to each episode and I'm just in awe right now! Any network who would bring this back would be so smart! Look at the fan base and support we have right here and the support of some of the actors already! It'd be even cooler if they shot it at the studios where they did it again and rehired the original crew and cast too!
Paula Townsley Posted on: 09:28 PM - Tuesday November 20, 2012
I've watched All the Jerico episodes twice on Netflix. It was even better the second time. Riveting show with great cast! Bring back Jerico please!
jerry medolla Posted on: 12:00 AM - Tuesday November 20, 2012
Enter your comments here... save Jericho
Ben R Posted on: 09:25 PM - Monday November 19, 2012
Read about Jericho online last friday. Decided to watch it on Netflix saturday. I stayed up until 5:30 am sunday so I could finish season 1. Got up at 9:00 am sunday so I could watch season 2. Can't believe that they canceled it after 7 episodes. I have never seen a better TV show. I'm typing this as I watch Revolution completely bored. Why didn't I hear of Jericho when it was on the air. Did they promote it at all? Just my 2 cents. Bring back Jericho PLEASE!!! and sorry to all the Revolution fans I just ticked off.
K6 JERICHO Posted on: 12:39 PM - Monday November 19, 2012
CBS Netflix talks for season 3 have stalled and the JERICHO fans are back in action to get them back to the table. If you love JERICHO and want to see season 3 happen visit this site to find out how you can help.
Michelle No Posted on: 12:32 PM - Sunday November 18, 2012
Why does something as good as this show get canceled? Please bring back Jericho!!
E Oman Posted on: 07:42 AM - Sunday November 18, 2012
Enter your comments I'm hummed out I just finished myth second season of Jericho on netflicks. Bring this show back.. also bring back LIFE with Damien Lewis.
John  Malone Posted on: 10:26 PM - Thursday November 15, 2012
Bring back this series. I was so pissed when they cancelled and then excited when they brought it back. Then turned upset again when the re-cancelled! Best series by far in a long time please bring it back.
Logan Hinson Posted on: 10:02 AM - Thursday November 15, 2012
I am still hopeful for Netflix to revive the series, with same cast/crew. I have tweeted Alicia Coppola who played Mimi Clark in the series, I asked her if she would ever come back to it if Netflix revived her exact words were "In a heartbeat!" Lennie James who played Robert Hawkins in the series also commented to press saying that he would be ecstatic to get into that character again. He also said it was mostly the cast/crew that would draw him back, he made friends for life on the show. So there is 2 main characters who want the series to come back, also Karim Zreik and the other producers said that there is no doubt that they would return to the series. So now there is already cast/crew wanting the show to return.. GREAT STORY, GREAT ACTORS, GREAT MUSIC, GREAT CAST, GREAT CHARACTERS, BEST SHOW EVER MADE!!! SAVE JERICHO 2012!!!
Sean C Posted on: 11:55 PM - Tuesday November 13, 2012
I hadn't even heard of Jericho until last week, but I've watched all 30 episodes since. Jericho > Walking Dead > Revolution. Come on AMC/Netflix or WHOEVER! BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!
Patty Hall Posted on: 05:46 PM - Tuesday November 13, 2012
Please bring back Jericho, we here in Kansas especially love this show, it is also a time where people WILL watch due to dooms day witch will give you great reviews, Please bring the show back!!!!
Josh P Posted on: 09:06 AM - Thursday November 08, 2012
Jericho is a wa better show than all those stupid reality shows. It is more entertaining & interesting. Show needs to come back on!
Carol Humpal Posted on: 01:19 AM - Tuesday November 06, 2012
This was a GREAT show My family enjoyed the time we spent together watching season 1 and season 2 looking forward to a season 3 - The show was clean ,honest and educational for those of us who are in our comfort zones it makes you aware of how much we really are not prepared. I love Netflix it hassome of the best stuff.

Alethea David Posted on: 06:50 PM - Thursday November 01, 2012
Excellent!!! Jericho must go on!!! A must bring back show!!!
Richard Boughton Posted on: 06:43 PM - Monday October 29, 2012
Quite possibly one of my all time favourite shows; how they end up cancelling all the best shows is beyond me...what are these people with the "power" doing. They're like the Cheyenne Government. BRING IT BACK
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