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Jivan Achreja Posted on: 03:58 AM - Saturday May 29, 2010
It's not the end, let's try to get Jericho Back!!!
Mark Stone Posted on: 09:56 PM - Monday May 17, 2010
It appears this is the end is anyone out there ...---...?
---...---..- ...--...
sihem  sissi Posted on: 07:19 AM - Tuesday February 16, 2010
Dont T’read on me
Je suis d’Alger, Algérie, J’adore cette série , mon mari aussi, beaucoup de mes compatriotes l’ont découvert grâce au Dvd, et c’est un véritable succès, mais impossible d’avoir la version Comics en Algérie, Nuts !!!!!!! , il faut avoir une Jericho 3 versions tv car les acteurs sont extraordinaire, ce n’est pas possible que la série soit sacrifié, Il ya des fans partout dans le monde, le combat continue pour Jéricho 3.
Dont T’read on me
J Austin Posted on: 09:31 PM - Sunday February 14, 2010
Jericho was seriously the only television show on cable that was worth following in the last several years IMO. The writing was smart, acting very much more than decent, and the plot was incredible. Turtetaub did a great job and I can't wait for the movie previews hopefully late in 2010. Til then, I guess I will keep channel surfing and wondering why I pay for cable...
Sarah Webster Posted on: 03:33 PM - Monday February 08, 2010
CBS=nuts!!! I was so addicted...why would that do that to us!
gaz dean Posted on: 11:13 AM - Wednesday January 27, 2010
ive never heard of jericho until 1 of my friends said about it, so i downloaded it. to my surprise was hookd from the 1st episode. ive now watched the whole lot and surely they cant leave th series have finished. like some people have said on here it needs to be promoted alot on tv. i hope that cbs start filming it again. A UK FAN OF JERICHO
jamie walls Posted on: 09:29 PM - Wednesday January 20, 2010
rocky trotter Posted on: 09:20 PM - Wednesday January 20, 2010
please bring Jericho back if even 1 show just a better finish would be nice.Enter your comments here...
Alan Dove Posted on: 06:56 PM - Wednesday January 13, 2010
With all the CRAP on TV every night they cancel Jericho! Where do the Networks find these idiots? I probably have 400 channels with my cable co. and night after night there's nothing on! Just crap! Never before has there been such an intense drama on TV.
So, to all the idiots at the networks....
" Bring Back Jericho!!!!"
Maybe then you'll get some viewers again!
Josanna DeJesus Posted on: 02:45 PM - Monday January 04, 2010
Please bring back Jericho! I'm at the edge of my seat and can't stand the anxiety of not knowing what happens next.
Kevin B Posted on: 10:43 PM - Monday December 21, 2009
All you have to do is watch modern prime-time TV to see why Jericho (awesome show) was canceled. Unless you make a show that a 1st grader can understand and follow, it will not be popular in the modern US (with exception of LOST, which is also at its end, soon). Sad, but true...
Jeff Matchette Posted on: 06:11 PM - Sunday December 13, 2009
One of the best shows CBS ever had the guts to put one the air and you never hear about it until its on Netflix. CBS of scyfy please get this show going again, but promote the crap out of it. Would have been a huge hit if promoted properly.
Bob Reeves Posted on: 02:35 PM - Thursday September 17, 2009
My family and I just watched both seasons of Jericho on DVD and are hooked. We never knew about it when it was broadcast
originally. The lack of advertising must be the reason
why it did not make it, because it as close to "24" as
any other show on the air. Is the movie coming out soon?
veneta Marv Posted on: 01:52 AM - Thursday September 10, 2009
i wasn't a fan of the show until netflix and i must say once i discovered this show on there i was hooked within the first 10 minutes of the first episode. I must admit i am an incredible lost fan and caught up to the series and must wait til feb 2010 for the final season so i wanted a replacement show for my LOST addiction it was bad. What i didn't however expect to find a show so closely matched in awesomeness it was quite shocking to discover another incredible show which even rivals lost in my heart.
Joseph Burke Posted on: 11:59 PM - Friday September 04, 2009
Enter your comments here...I am an unbelievable Jericho Fan. I would like to know if there are any Jericho Get togethers similar to Treckies. Would love to attend one. Also has anybody thought of contacting HBO or Showtime to rekindle the series and get JERICHO CIVIL WAR MOVIE made?
Christian Brunetti Posted on: 06:28 PM - Thursday August 13, 2009
I had barely heard of this show until I was browsing through Netflix. One episode and I was instantly hooked. My wife and I are now both devoted fans and hope dearly a movie comes out. We all know the plot and acting are top notch and the town itself has a character about it, a resiliancy, that I hope is reflected by its dedicated fan base. CBS I hope you're listening.
Gwen MacKenzie-Roeder Posted on: 12:39 PM - Wednesday June 24, 2009

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Julie Koerperich Posted on: 01:54 PM - Monday June 08, 2009
When my husband was in Iraq a friend introduced him to Jericho. When he came home in February he told me how addicting this show was and told me I had to watch it. Rented it about 6 six weeks ago and after watching only 2 episodes I was hooked and bought the entire series on DVD. I have never been so emotionally involved in a show before. I was shaking when I watched the final episode last night. I want more! This is by far the most incredible and captivating show I have ever seen. Enough with stupid reality shows. Bring back quality tv.
Joe Marcal Posted on: 02:06 AM - Sunday June 07, 2009
Really poor decision by CBS. Jericho is a great concept and exciting TV. Everyone I have directed to this show watches 4 or 5 episodes at once, and wants more when they are finished. This is the only TV show I own on DVD. I own more than 100 movies, some on blueray.

Jericho would have probably done better in today's environment than the heady days of 2007.

I missed it on TV, mainly because no one told me about it. I saw 1/2 an episode in the middle of season 1, and liked it, but didn't make an effort at that time to see more.
ab landton Posted on: 07:26 PM - Monday June 01, 2009
of course the good shows are always cancelled! I found this show on Netflix and it is just a pity they didn't keep it going for a couple of more seasons. Too bad. Bonehead exec at CBS....
S F Posted on: 02:17 PM - Sunday May 03, 2009
A movie would be fantastic!!!
MANDY DECARLO Posted on: 11:43 AM - Monday April 20, 2009
David Duerloo Posted on: 03:18 PM - Tuesday March 24, 2009
I think Jericho is one of the shows ever, it's even better than lost and Heroes, and it's not fair and maybe even cruel to let people suffer so much with such a great show and stop with it then.
Tanya Guilette Posted on: 11:43 AM - Wednesday February 25, 2009
We really loved this show from the beginning. I wish they made more episodes to continue on to see who acctually did do the bombing. This show is one of the only one's I know of that is true to life in what could happen in years to come with our own world. hopefully it won't come to that, but it is a possiblity.

I would love to see this show continue. I know we would continue to watch it.
Jericho Rules Posted on: 08:51 AM - Wednesday February 11, 2009
I think Jericho will be the only series worth saving. After watching this I understand the other series is ridiculous. Jericho is a great series and 29 episodes not enough!

Please... Please...
Save Jericho!
David  Murray Posted on: 12:09 PM - Saturday January 31, 2009
Please continue Jericho,the whole family watches Jericho,we would be missing a family outing. We are still watching the reruns.I have my recorder saving all episodes.Thank You from a Jericho loving family
Two Fans Posted on: 12:39 PM - Tuesday January 27, 2009
Jericho - great series - original - interesting - great characters - plot - actors. Hopeful that a renewal will happen. Universal HD - was able to view the First Season of Jericho and Kidnapped (series with Timothy Hutton that was also cancelled). The good thing about the new Timothy Hutton series Leverage, the entire first season was taped before the first episode aired. Hopeful will see the entire series broadcast. Leverage carries the same "good guys getting the job done" as Jericho. Too bad the network did not stand and deliver on the promise of bringing back Jericho after the first campaign. The abbreviated "2nd season" was "compressed to run in the allotted time." Hope the network reconsiders and does the right thing. Thanks for the opportunity to post.
Perry Pansieri Posted on: 10:35 AM - Monday January 26, 2009
Enter your comments here... Jericho is the best show that I have watched in years! I am a very late comer just bought the season 1&2 on DVD January 2 2009. I am hooked. I would love to see a 3rd season. I have just heard that there may be a movie in the making. Still, a 3rd season would be great. I would even be willing to get all our fans together an sponsor and finance a 3rd season. Some people say that this is not possible because of legal issues. I think that anything can be negociated. Any ideas?
joey sommerville Posted on: 01:23 AM - Sunday January 11, 2009
bring back the show you fools. are you kidding me, the way you left it, you could have at least finished the damn story.
Shirley Jordan Posted on: 07:45 PM - Thursday December 25, 2008
Enter your comments here... I watched the pilot of Jericho for the first time recently in reruns, and was hooked! I rented the rest of season one and two and watched them throughout the next few weeks. Jericho is of those shows that improves with watching the episodes all at once, and it was a great experience. To get drama, action, intrigue and character development all in an unusual vehicle of a storyline is a bonus for today's television. Please bring on a third season! Don't make me watch anymore cop shows with the same retread plots!
yvonne goodson Posted on: 01:57 PM - Thursday December 11, 2008
Enter your comments here...networks cant stand it when theres a show on that people like to watch. after 9 months of silience they bring it back for half a season and on a different time slot. in other words they had no intentions on really bringing it back. what ever happened to the customer always being right? guess those days are long gone. what a bummer. i love jericho. was a great show.
STEVEN BENTO Posted on: 01:42 PM - Thursday December 11, 2008
Television over the years has for the most part bee directed to the pre kindergarten level mentality with its choice of programing. Every time a serious or intelligent subject matter show appears the networks never give a show a chance to develop its following.Without preaching I feel that JERICHO is one of those shows that is intellegently written and should be handed to a focus group of private viewers to screen this show and other potentials and make recommendations as to viewing choices and showing times. JERICHO in my opinion is one show that should be placed in prime showing slot and its writers allowed to pursue this realistic show.
Reid Nedimyer Posted on: 11:50 PM - Thursday November 06, 2008
My older brother got me into Jericho, and I loved it. I wished I had heard about it sooner to have watched it on tv when it aired.
Richard Mako Posted on: 05:27 AM - Monday November 03, 2008
I think Jericho is great show.Here in europe are every day only stupid latino romantic serials and nothing normal.When television here in Slovakia starts broadcast Jericho i was verry happy.I didnt miss any part.I want to know what l happend with states and how ll continue life in Jericho [jake& ammy etc..]
pls make 3rd season!!! I beg u!!
[sry for my english]
maybei Radio Free Jericho Posted on: 06:51 AM - Friday October 24, 2008
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Mauris Leon Posted on: 05:18 PM - Thursday October 09, 2008
I have seen many shows and this is by far my favorite. It is very credible and the cast is amazing. it is well written and i can't wait to continue watching.


Krista Nielson Posted on: 09:53 AM - Thursday September 25, 2008
PLEASE put on Season 3..... I beg you!
This is the best TV show that has been on in such a long time. My husband and I never missed an episode when it was on. Stop the reality shows. This is an amazing storyline. Please let us see it played out to the end.
Arthur Doyle Posted on: 09:27 AM - Sunday September 21, 2008
What is it with Americans post-911? I think it's pathetic that you put so much effort into supporting a show.

Why not put your efforts towards your communities? What's with the anti-corporation crap? Don't they have a right to run their business the way they want to?

Why don't you all reincarnate the show with your own cast and with your own resources if it's so important to you?

Just kidding.......

I think it's awesome that you were able to kick some CBS ass....do you think you can repeat this?
Damian P. Posted on: 05:29 PM - Sunday August 24, 2008
Jericho is the best serial I have watched since very long time ^.^ and now when it is dying and waiting for rescue CBS leaves it to certain death... COME ON SAVE JERICHO!!!! They survived fallout, mortar bombardment.. even J&R attack :P and now CBS is going to kill them -.-... it is not fair! :D

Barbara  Taylor Posted on: 11:12 AM - Wednesday August 20, 2008
Please, Please, do not cancel Jericho. I never miss
Jericho.I look forward to watching this show every week.
And its a family thing we do.

Please give us season 3
Kay  Sanchez Posted on: 11:25 AM - Sunday August 17, 2008
Jericho is an extraordinary show, because almost every episode is vital to the story. It gives the viewers something to follow very closely. It has the right quality to amuse people and even to teach some thing or 2.
Jericho is one of the revolutionary kind of show, it's something new and fun.

Jericho should get an second opportunity, because canceling isn't the way for shows like this one. They should be given time to flourish, it certainly has potential.
pablo parraguez Posted on: 10:58 AM - Sunday August 17, 2008
well... marty... did you contact to sci-fi channel?
Marty Turvey Posted on: 10:27 PM - Wednesday June 11, 2008
Hey everybody,
Im not trying to take credit for this, but i came across someone with a great idea on Youtube. To hell with CBS, they only agreed to do the second season of Jericho to shut us all up, they never had any intention of going past season two no matter what the ratings were. Lets all contact the scifi channel (www.scifi.com) and try to get them to continue this series, they have done the same with Stargate SG1 and a few other shows in the past. I bet that they would produce a better quality storyline than CBS anyway.

Ya'll check out this promo video that soneone made and then send an email to the folks at scifi

ro anubis Posted on: 02:45 PM - Monday June 02, 2008
one very good show and very spannend this show must go on
bitch fuck Posted on: 04:21 PM - Saturday May 31, 2008
i love you chris the bitch
crazy dicklyc Posted on: 04:19 PM - Saturday May 31, 2008
dude your cool snd cool and cute die die die bitch
Peter  Weel Posted on: 07:31 AM - Monday May 19, 2008
We are just about to see the series in Holland , bur iv'e seen the first and second season already and can't believe there is not more to come. It's unbelievable, we learned that when you start something you finnish it. Not the way CBS learned it apparently.
Julie  Posted on: 10:23 AM - Wednesday May 07, 2008
PLEASE save Jericho . I am in agreement with all the others who say it is simply the best television show on . It has something for everyone, with many age groups among the stars, so there are many ageas of fans, I am sure .
It also deals with a current events issue. If something this catastrophic should ever happen to our country, even in a smaller scale, Jericho has been a teaching tool to help us learn what things would be important to know, what to do, etc .
It is also such an amazaing show, in terms of bringing out the best ( and worst) in people when faced with such a trying event .
I have never gotten involved before in trying to save a show, but this one is worth it .
I have sent emails, snail-mail, and signed online petitions.
I have put messages on boards like this .
We don't currently have cable or satellite tv, but I'd order it in a heartbeat if one of their channels picked up Jericho for a new season .

I sure hope someone out there reads all these requests and is able to accomplish this goal for us .
Deborah Carlson Posted on: 09:01 PM - Sunday May 04, 2008
If CBS cancels Jericho for a third season, I think everyone and anyone who gives a damn about this country of ours, should simply sign an agreement to boycot CBS. Jericho is the most realistic, thought provoking, (not to mention Skeet Ulrich) show ever. I feel like I know these people, their struggle and their fight for freedom is to be aplauded. I love this show, Please BRING JERICHO BACK!
Meghan H Posted on: 05:20 PM - Sunday April 20, 2008
I'm new to the save Jericho Campaign but I have already taken steps to save this awesome show! I have not seen such a good show in such a long time and I think it's unbelievable the CBS canceled it. I do have hope, though, that the crazy Jerich fans, including myself, will somehow find a way to SAVE JERICHO! I mean America isn't in the clear yet, there is still a civil war to fight. And with Hawkins and Jake in Texas, what will happen when the allied states come to Jericho??

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