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edgar garcia Posted on: 11:32 PM - Sunday April 06, 2008
porque cancelar una serie que tiene mucho que dar ...si hay series que no aportan nada interesante y ya van en la temporada 20,00000 ...jericho es muy interesante talvez no tan original en cuestion del tema pero te atrapa y solo por eso merece seguir hasta que ya no pueda dar mas de si pero mientras tenga algo que mantenga a la gente interesada porque cancelarla ? piensen mas las cosas y tomen en cuenta aunquesea una vez la opinion de la gente ...jericho rules
Paul White Posted on: 03:05 PM - Friday April 04, 2008
Save Jericho Campaign Continues

The efforts to bring Jericho back for a third season and beyond are just now starting to pick up steam. There are write-in campaigns and online petitions to convince the Sci Fi Channel and TNT to pick up the series. In addition, the Jericho Lives site has suggested that fans download episodes of Jericho from iTunes and/or Amazon.com Unbox to help generate additional revenue for the show and make a strong case for its financial viability. Visit the Axiom’s Edge sponsored Save Jericho site for more information on all of the ongoing initiates to bring Jericho back: http://jericholives.blogspot.com/

-Paul S. White
Axiom’s Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy: www.axiomsedge-scifi.com
Ed  Schultz Posted on: 01:45 AM - Sunday March 30, 2008
www.petitionspot.com/petitions/savejericho is a rip off site that directs you to a marketing page. Ditch it
Sally Carroll Posted on: 07:45 AM - Thursday March 27, 2008
Jericho s the best show on TV. And it only gets better and better. I hope another network picks it up. Like JAG. That was cancelled on one network and was then picked up and lasted many more years. My whole family (that includes one kid in college, one in high school and my husband and I) are so into the show. It's such a disappointment that it's cancelled again. But we are not giving up hope!
Nadine C. Posted on: 11:49 AM - Wednesday March 26, 2008
There is NO WAY that Jericho can end now... there are just way too many people who love it, and by ending the show there will be absolute uproar!!

A lot of people don't (or aren't able to) watch Jericho live, and I am one of them. Without Jericho to look forward to there's not much else out there, and people will become very discontented with the networks and television in general. So please have a re-think about this decision.
Paul White Posted on: 08:44 AM - Wednesday March 26, 2008
Write-in Campaign and Online Petition to Save Jericho

CBS may have decided to pass on a third season of Jericho, but there is still hope for its continuation. It seems clear that the Sci Fi Channel has opened the door to solicit feedback from fans on adding Jericho to their lineup. They have provided their snail mail address in two news pieces from the Sci Fi Wire website for people to write in support of the show. We should definitely start up a letter campaign to let them know that the fanbase for Jericho is still very strong. I have more information on how to write to write to them at the following link: http://www.axiomsedge-scifi.com/save_jericho.htm

In addition, I have set up an online petition for us to show our support for the continuation of the series into a third season and beyond: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Jericho_Lives/

I will pass this information along to the Sci Fi Channel and I will also try to get it to Carol Barbee so that she can use this as a selling point when talking to any and all networks.

As fans of Jericho, we saved it from extinction once, and with a little more effort whe can do it a second time. Please sign the petition and send your letter to the Sci Fi Channel and pass this along to as many Jericho fans as possible to build up support. With a little luck and a bit of hard work we will be rewarded with a third season!

-Paul S. White
Axiom's Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy: www.axiomsedge-scifi.com
Ryan Turner Posted on: 05:49 AM - Wednesday March 26, 2008
Please don't cancel the only show worth watching!
Tania Turner Posted on: 05:48 AM - Wednesday March 26, 2008
There are very few television shows that I look forward to watching. This is one that I LOVE, and wish that it had been given a better chance. I hope that another network picks it up, if CBS is going to refuse see what a great show they have.
Tina V Posted on: 10:14 PM - Tuesday March 25, 2008
Jericho is one of the most thought provoking, intelligent, quality pieces of TV that has been aired in years. Any and every network can have "reality" shows. Show the fans that you interested in providing us with shows that are above and beyond the drivel that is being shoved at us today.

Don't tread on us....Bring back Jericho!
Julius Toth Posted on: 09:55 PM - Tuesday March 25, 2008
It's not over, unless we the fans allow Jericho to be over. I never fought with you guys to renew Jericho, even though I'm a fan, yeah shame on me, but now after the renewal of Jericho and the way it ended.

We need a Season Three of Jericho and we need this show to continue and we need to let CBS know that big time. I'm part of the Fight For Five for Kim Possible and the Fight For Three for American Dragon, and it's time WE THE FANS STOOD UP and let all these studios and networks know that OUR OPINIONS COUNT.

Unless we speak up now, we will fail. Fans of Jericho and those who want to save it, feel free to contact me.
Shawn  McDown Posted on: 06:10 PM - Sunday March 23, 2008
Hey everyone send a complaint to CBS for trying to take Jericho off a second time!!

Elton Jhon Posted on: 02:18 PM - Sunday March 23, 2008
aaa ya la van a cancelar otra vez agan algo, ya estan fastidiando muchos primero y q la van a cancelar despues lo de los escritores con su huelga ahora la CBS y q la va a cancelar otra vez jeje sera por sobre los cadaberes de sus fans gringos XD
Samantha Cahill Posted on: 07:43 PM - Saturday March 22, 2008
This show stole my heart from episode 1. I am especially proud of the fan base who were able to bring it back for a second season, even if they only worked out seven episodes.
If anything, the success of the Save Jericho campaign should prove that there are people out there who want to watch good quality fictional drama and television that makes you think and that we have a voice that needs to be heard.
Thanks again and enjoy watching Jericho!
R B Posted on: 11:42 AM - Saturday March 22, 2008
Thank you CBS for giving Jericho a second try.
Let's hope this does not happen again to a worthy show.

Please do consider not having long mid-season breaks in scheduling. Who knows what might have been if such a huge number of Jericho viewers had not been lost in mid-season 2007.

Thanks to all the talented people who worked to make Jericho one of the best shows on TV.
M E Posted on: 07:20 AM - Saturday March 15, 2008
Iam from sweden and i love the show.
This is the best show ever please save jericho!!!!!
R.U. Crazy Posted on: 10:57 AM - Thursday March 13, 2008
I don't know where most of you people are coming from. This show is one of the most poorly written and poorly directed shows I have ever seen. There are some decent actors in it, but they are swamped by the writing and directing. Sorry!
Karen Brown Posted on: 02:12 PM - Tuesday March 11, 2008
I don't care which network wishes to carry on the show for an additional season or seasons, as long as the show is allowed to proceed.

Jericho is rich with reality considering all that is going on in the world at this time.

It's a GREAT show, which promotes the viewer to use their minds not just their eyes. I watch it religiously and tape it as well.

Please keep Jericho on and going. Finally CBS has a show worth watching!
Debi Carlson Posted on: 02:06 PM - Tuesday March 11, 2008
Enter your comments here...If ever there was a TV program that contained all of the events and emotions of our time, Jericho has all of it, and more. Please let Jericho continue to speak for all of us--The time has come, and History does start NOW!
Michelle Schoessow Posted on: 06:24 PM - Wednesday February 13, 2008
Support Jericho!
Go to http://www.heynielsen.com
Create a Login and post your opinion

This has been the most captivating and original show to come out of the big networks in the past 5 years. The plot, style and gritty details of this drama have made for a not-to-miss series.

The network should start looking at the fan sites, and the following that the show has - not just the nielsen ratings.

I watched every episode live last year - many of us do. Go look at http://www.heynielsen.com and see the dedicated fans.
Richard Miller Posted on: 11:45 PM - Tuesday October 30, 2007
Please keep Jericho on CBS! It's a great drama and I am definitely hooked! I would be very dissapointed if you didn't bring it back for another year.
Tessa Fredrickson Posted on: 02:53 PM - Tuesday October 30, 2007
Save jericho, it's the best show on TV in years, it needs to live longer than 7 more episodes!!
terocious  Posted on: 06:02 AM - Friday October 26, 2007
On Sunday october 28th, 2007 The Jericho Fandom wil hold its first official Digg Day! Please visit the link below for details. We still need all the help we can get to bring this great show back for season 3.

Mark Thomas Posted on: 06:49 AM - Friday October 19, 2007
CBS is just another corporate vampire, interested in nothing but the bottom line. They don't give a rat's @$$ about providing any REAL entertainment - as clearly evidenced by Jericho's cancellation. Like the other posters here, this was one show that I never missed. Great acting, and writing that was right on the money with regard to a post-nuclear world.

If you REALLY want to protest this travesty, contact CBS directly ( http://www.cbs.com/# ... select "FEEDBACK" at the bottom of the page. ) Tell them you're going to boycott CBS until they bring Jericho back. The ONLY thing that's going to get their attention is if their viewer ratings go to H#ll, and, based on the number of negative feedbacks they've received about Jericho, they can point their finger to the cause.
K. Stone Posted on: 12:40 PM - Thursday October 11, 2007
Check this out.

Kenneth Hennig Posted on: 04:31 PM - Sunday September 30, 2007
Jericho was on the air but what we need is a continuation of the story.
Michael Ricupero Posted on: 08:34 PM - Friday July 20, 2007
Jericho is one of my favort shows on CBS TV and now since it is back on i am telling everyone the Jericho is back on the AIR.

Welcom back Jericho.
Ionut Marinescu Posted on: 11:24 AM - Tuesday July 17, 2007
please let the show live
Lori Sevedge Posted on: 12:22 PM - Monday July 09, 2007
In Jericho I have found one of the best, original, and entertaining televisions shows out there. My husband and I will not miss an episode. Thanks for giving it another chance, please bring it back permanantly!

nanci rae rohm Posted on: 06:24 AM - Saturday June 30, 2007
Enter your comments here...i cant wait till the new season begins.... I am a big Jake fan, I think he has a sexy appeal about himself. I never cared for the kind of story line Jericho had but this one i did....Please come back.....
Robby Clark Posted on: 08:01 PM - Friday June 29, 2007
Great show. One of the only show that my family watches together. PLease make it a keeper.
tom andrews Posted on: 01:00 PM - Friday June 29, 2007
jericho was the best show on tv this includes cbs abc nba and fox who ever chose to canael this show is as stupid as george bush. i just saw that cbs was bringing was going to air the 1st season this summer. good for you find some way of bringing Gerald Mcaney back .let them ckeck his vital signs and see he is not dead . Do not give thia show up for some stupid reality show
chris altermann Posted on: 09:51 PM - Thursday June 07, 2007
A great cast cool story line and so much can be done with this show it would be ashame to abandon it so early on in the game.I say give it another chance or at least a good ending but the choice is up to cbs so make the right one please and side with the viewers.
Sharon Curtis Posted on: 03:05 PM - Tuesday June 05, 2007
Great site! We must keep JERICHO alive. It is a wonderful show and we need to keep it on the air. A wonderful cast and wonderful writers make it very enjoyable to watch. I always looked forward to it every week.
Shea Croney Posted on: 04:49 PM - Sunday June 03, 2007
Please don't cancel Jericho. it's a great show for people of all ages! it keeps you interested always and the last episode was soo good I cried! I MUST see what happens next! Also this is the first show that i have ever liked enough to make time to watch! I love it soo much please don't take it away! I dont want anymore reality shows I love Jericho! It seems soo real and it could happen to us some day, so it could teach us a lesson or two of what to expect!
Heather Rowe Posted on: 04:23 PM - Sunday June 03, 2007
I love jericho! jericho should have a secend season! The story line is awsome and the cast is amazing! CBS must be nuts to not want to keep jericho on the air! jericho has the fans to support the show! Why would so many people fight to save the show! Jericho is the best show around! So many people are saying that if jericho is not put back on the air we are blocking cbs, which would include me! by the way, I can't believe johnston green was killed! He is one of my favorite characters on the show! SAVE JERICHO!!!
malcolm reah Posted on: 10:23 AM - Saturday June 02, 2007
Enter your comments here...i live in england, and have just read that jericho has been cancelled. are all your tv executives lunatics. in the last couple of years they cancelled three of the best shows to come to british tv. those being invasion, daybreak, and now jericho. please first of all someone needs to bang the chiefs heads together, and keep jericho alive.
buddy johnson Posted on: 09:09 PM - Friday June 01, 2007
jericho was the only reason i watched cbs at nitenow i don't!!!!!!!!
Cliff T. Posted on: 04:01 PM - Friday June 01, 2007
This is a post which I put up on the CBS boards. Please read carefully and consider...this could be a viable next step:

Yes, here we go again...CBS looks to be unveiling yet another reality show, but perhaps we could use this to our advantage! The show seems to be called "You Be The Judge" and the premise lies with giving people who feel they have legitimate grievances an opportunity in front of a live TV audience to have their case argued. A national audience will then determine the verdict in the case, apparantly through call in votes. Right now, there are links to casting info for "Lawyer" and "Expert" under casting calls on the CBS main page.

Here is my idea:
A) We continue to fight as we have, BUT if we do not succeed in getting Jericho back for a complete 2nd season, here is what I think is an excellent fall-back position:

1. We utilize the loads of information we have gathered regarding Jericho: Neilson Info, Petitions, Nuts campaign, Tivo viewership, ITunes downloads, radio/blogger show support, ad campaigns...the works!! We gather some leaders to present our case on CBS' own show when it airs. The evidence in inescapable.

This is all of the advance prep work, with the complaint being that CBS failed in:
b) CBS provided a product/service to it's customer which was incomplete...similar to buying a DVD of a movie in which the final reel is missing. As viewers/customers, we invested 22 hours into services not rendered and/or left incomplete.

2. We petition our request to get our case heard on this show with our arguement. Two things may occur:
a) If CBS refuses to allow us this platform, it is fuel for our cause...a whole new letter campaign can start regarding CBS refusing to listen to their customers/viewers. It also generates more publicity for our cause. Letters are written to TV Guide, and everywhere else stating "Why won't CBS listen to us?" or "Allow Jericho its day in court!"
b) If CBS allows this platform, we present our case on TV to a national audience. It generates a ton of publicity for both us and CBS (for both shows) and allows their viewership to decide the fate of Jericho. This is revolutionary television!

3. If we seriously prepare for this attempt, we make it publically known on these and other boards. With CBS lurking on these boards, they may see this idea and panic! After all, they are developing a new show which may be sunk before it even airs if it is widely known that we are going to go after a case against CBS and an audience decision on Jericho's fate...especially if we publicise it. If CBS abandons the idea of You Be The Judge because of Jericho requests, it puts them into an even worse light and costs them money. Even more advertisers will be affected.

I think everyone should discuss this, so I am posting this idea to as many boards as possible. We would need a few people to step up for early planning on this one...preferably someone with a little bit of a theatrical background as lead plaintiff, and someone with a legal background to assist. The case would be in the name of "Jericho fans and disgruntled television viewers everywhere".

If we do not get a press release from CBS by the end of next week announcing the renewal of Jericho for a 2nd season, then we need to begin using new stratagies. This could be as huge as the Nuts campaign. Think about.

This thread will be deleted by CBS management in 5...4...3...2...1...

I hope that everyone that wants to see a return of Jericho seriously consider this course of action should our current efforts fail. Most of all, DISCUSS!!

Always lurking, occasionally posting

Clifford "Hawkins" T.
Nick Sanfelice Posted on: 02:35 AM - Friday June 01, 2007
Finally an interesting show out of America as opposed to mind numbing spirit crushing sitcoms and reality TV shows and you want to cancel it? Does America wonder why the world hates them? You guys are all robots when a show is released that transcends the barrier of crap that has been thrown out over the past few years it is immediately cancelled. Better to watch How I Met Your Mother and American Idol oh and lets not forget Kids Nation you got to be kidding me.
Michael Tomar Posted on: 12:34 PM - Wednesday May 30, 2007
DON'T MISS IT!! Today at 2pm PST, 5pm EST live video chat with
Carl Evans Posted on: 11:21 AM - Wednesday May 30, 2007
Save Jericho!!!
Amber Waters Posted on: 12:06 PM - Tuesday May 29, 2007
Tomorrow at 5 p.m. EST, log onto http://www.paltalk.com/newstalk/jbraverman_episode.shtml for a live video chat with
Bruce Cramer Posted on: 10:08 AM - Tuesday May 29, 2007
Enter your comments here...I can't stand reality shows, how many C.S.Is do I have to put up with? I can't watch the news because of the stupid spin they put on everything, both left and right! I watch the Steelers play football, but other then that television has driven me away. Lost, Heros, Idol, House Wives, and all the other mindless dribble, I cant'take it! So I watched Jerhico week in week out... Counted down on my calender for THREE MONTHS!!!, me and my whole family. What dose CBS do? Takes it off! For what? A musical?!? We all know how well Cop Rock did for ABC! Kids gone wild in Mexico?!? Abuse anyone? Some goofy 70's show drama?!? Need I say more. Or a vampire?!? What is this the WB?!? No Jerhico no CBS! I am blocking the station from my TV set and getting direct ticket when football season starts, because I'll be darned if I will ever put that mindless network on ever again!
MY final words to CBS, "NUTS!"
Carol Melia Posted on: 06:52 PM - Monday May 28, 2007
Sharona .H. Posted on: 04:02 AM - Monday May 28, 2007
Jericho Must Go On !
Jerry HAll Posted on: 12:01 AM - Monday May 28, 2007
I cannot beleive that CBS would cancel such a good show after only it's first season. Are you people crazy?
Joanna D. Posted on: 10:31 PM - Sunday May 27, 2007
It is very disheartening when a quality show like Jericho is cancelled when so many useless and mindless shows continue for years. Bring back Jericho for Season 2! The fans are speaking to you CBS!
Jim Bradshaw Posted on: 05:04 PM - Sunday May 27, 2007
As a father of 3 young ladys 17-5 and a Paralegal, that between my wife and I make a very decent living. I watched Jericho for one reason. I never had to put a disclaimer on it to my children. My kids witnessed true human nature that lead to thought provoking disscusions. My 5 year old asked me " Daddy if that happened, do we have a plan?" This from a child that till then biggest worry was if she had to eat all her vegitables. Now some say this is a bad thing, but i'm glad it was a show that she understood why: People that fail to plan, Plan to fail. CBS if you continue with this choice top cancel "Jericho" Your advesisers will see my letters are true. As I will pull all support from thier products.
Karina Jacobi Posted on: 04:50 AM - Saturday May 26, 2007
Sorry but my english is not the best. I'm from Germany and i love Jericho its one of the best shows i've ever seen. Please save Jericho
Christine L Posted on: 11:44 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Jericho was one of the best TV series I've seen in a long time. I really hope that it will not go down in history as a one-season show. It deserves more!! Far more!! CBS owes it to the Jericho cast, crew and viewers to keep it going. No more CBS for me until Jericho's back!!! This is war!!!
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