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Aging Problem Posted on: 09:13 PM - Monday July 22, 2019
Not sure how they can continue a series 10+ years later. I was onboard for bringing it back for about 3 years, but now it is simply too late to use the same actors.
Peter B. Posted on: 11:03 AM - Wednesday December 12, 2018
I was fuming when I've heard about the cancellation after season 1. Almost instantly I have went to designing protest posters and adverts, joining all sorts of Save Jericho communities, ordered my share of nuts in the process... So the short lived season 2 had a slight taste of victory. But I would do it all over again and more today, to see how the story would unravel in season 3.
Jericho became a cult tv show, because of the intriguing story and also thanks to the community and loyal followers - people who had shown the lengths they are willing to go for saving what they, at the very least, enjoyed. Not continuing it doesn't make any sense.
TINA COOKE Posted on: 01:36 PM - Friday October 21, 2016
Concerned fan  Posted on: 10:37 AM - Monday July 18, 2016
The real question is why would cbs want to discontinue a show that is loved by its fans this much, i've grown up watching reruns of it on tv when i was younger, then when i got netflix i rewatched it multiple times, for this reason we should all show cbs that we want jericho back, they had a plot, they had viewers, and the had good reviews, everything you need to make money, jericho should be brought back for our enjoyment and also cbs makes money we all win then
Allan Burnett Posted on: 03:30 AM - Sunday July 03, 2016
Enter your comments here...Just watched Jericho seasons 1+2 in 2 days I did have plans for the weekend. Now I want more jericho on Netflix only to find out it has been cancelled Dam u CbS Bring back jericho much more story to tell:(
Andrea Deaton Posted on: 09:27 PM - Thursday December 03, 2015
Please give us a Season THREE (& 4 & 5...)!!! :) OR a MOVIE! OR BOTH!!!!!!!!!!

Other Jericho fans: if you are reading this, please join the facebook pages "Jericho Rising" and "Jericho Rangers", and also like the official Jericho facebook page and :)

I run the fan page "SkeetFans" at so join us there too to keep up with all things Skeet-related.
nicholas parisi Posted on: 01:41 PM - Tuesday November 24, 2015
I believe this series has touch a nerve with the admin and it was shut down for no other reason. . .
Barry Brockbank Posted on: 04:43 AM - Tuesday November 17, 2015
Enter your comments here...This is a good show, which is well acted and has a compelling theme. It still has a lot of story left to tell
Richard Allen Posted on: 05:35 PM - Saturday September 12, 2015
Enter your comments here...First:thanks to CBS for giving jericho a second chance, the second season was very well put together. Second: no one ever asked me if I watched the show, nor have I ever met anyone who participated in the rating process. Please resurrect the show. The "ratings" do not paint the entire picture and there is plenty of story left to tell if it is done properly.
Devin  Adam Posted on: 06:45 PM - Wednesday September 02, 2015
I love Jericho, it is one of the few shows worth watching.
CBS, bring back Jericho.
Actors, contact CBS to get them to bring it back.
Fans, don't lose hope. Keep trying!
Constantinos Loucaides Posted on: 04:44 PM - Friday August 28, 2015
Can't stop watching the episodes from when they had first come out. I was one of the many who joined the campaign with the nuts and we managed all together to bring the show back two times. Lets be the first to make this a third. Shows like this should not be cancelled and should be given more. Bring it back pls...
Mike Young Posted on: 06:02 PM - Thursday August 20, 2015
I just recently started watching Jericho on Netflix and I'm hooked! I'm disappointed that it ends after season 2! This is such a great show and they need to bring it back!
Ben s Posted on: 07:47 PM - Sunday August 16, 2015
I didnt start this show till 5 years after it ended because i saw it on netflix and now i love this show and it has to come back for season 3 and beyond i have also all my coworkers and family watching it. This show was just made to early, if it was made now it would have alot better ratings because post apoc is huge right now.
Klose Fire Posted on: 12:24 PM - Monday July 27, 2015
Bring back Jericho!
jeff  c Posted on: 07:42 PM - Saturday July 25, 2015
Season 3 needs to be brought to TV or at least DVD. So disappointing this was cancelled. At least the novels carry the story on.
Jeremy w Posted on: 11:47 PM - Tuesday July 14, 2015
I lover Jericho ! Please bring it back.
jericho lover Posted on: 06:38 PM - Monday July 13, 2015
more jericho #savejericho
Big Fan Posted on: 09:53 AM - Monday July 13, 2015
Enter your comments here...We just found this series on Netflix and could not stop watching!! I can't believe I have never heard of this show.

I don't understand why CBS would cancel Jericho after two short seasons, but another network or Netflix is missing out if this show is not re-created.
It is sad to see the talented writing and acting in Jericho wasted to make room for the mindless sitcoms and reality shows we currently have available on TV.
Mark Rejhon Posted on: 02:16 PM - Thursday July 02, 2015
I never knew this TV show as on when I had television. Now I love it on Netflix.

Contrary to Neilsen Ratings spontaneous viewership garbage, this show is a 'perfect fit' for streaming.

Discovery of such a wonderful high-rated show (4.5 stars) will guarantee viewership, especially when a Netflix Original banner shows up, causing even more people to go back and bingewatch.
Marge Wood Posted on: 02:16 PM - Tuesday June 30, 2015
I just watched Jericho on Netflix, and am now watching it again. I will never understand how this superb TV show was cancelled. One of the best shows I have watched in a long, long while. I would just love to see it brought back!!
Tammy Gold Posted on: 12:46 PM - Saturday June 27, 2015
I just watched Jericho on Netflix. How in the world did I ever miss that show when it was on? They need to bring it back. Awesome writing and story telling. Please bring it back!
Carlea Foster Posted on: 09:47 PM - Sunday May 31, 2015
Just finished on Netflix. This is a great show got very interesting. I love it. I would like to see more please. Can't leave and not know if Hawkins dues or lived and what happened. Please. Bring Jericho back!!!! It is a great realistic show. We need Jericho back!!!!
Jericho Kansas Posted on: 10:27 PM - Friday May 29, 2015
Just a quick update for this site:
Jericho will encore on Pop, CBS' new basic cable channel devoted to fans, fandom and what made them fans, in July.
The S 5 Jericho comic/graphic novel will be out in 2016.
There are very strong rumors that a Jericho continuation movie is in the works.
Christopher Tanti Posted on: 05:29 AM - Tuesday May 26, 2015
There are a lot of series but Jericho is the favorite of all. If you bring it back a lot of people will be happy, you will make more money and the series will surely make success. I don't know why there is no fucken interest in bringing this amazing show back. Everyday I check on IMDB to see if the actors of Jericho (Skeet Ulrich etc.) are post producing Jericho again. My point is bring on back this amazing show.
Tharidu Chamara Posted on: 12:09 AM - Thursday May 21, 2015
I have watched thousands of TV series. This is the best one and you have cancelled it.Thanks a lot!!!
Brett Potter Posted on: 09:02 AM - Sunday May 03, 2015
Seriously!!!!!!! Jericho needs To be carried on!! Proper, proper PROPER good series! Surely there's someone out there in the business(netflix) that reads all these comments and petitions and thinks it's a good idea to bring back Jericho.. Let's hope so anyway!!
Teresa Fierro Posted on: 08:10 PM - Sunday April 26, 2015
we are also recent converts to Jericho. We absolutely are riveted to each episode and cannot believe it was cancelled. Netflix should definitely bring this show back.....and soon!
Rick Peterson Posted on: 07:54 PM - Friday April 10, 2015
I love post-appocolyptic shows. Jericho is, by far the best I've seen. It seems to take off where The Day After (1983 Jason Robards) left off. I grew up during the cold war and Jericho is the future many of us saw for our country and ourselves.
New Fan Posted on: 05:34 PM - Monday April 06, 2015
Just finished Jericho on Netflix. What an awesome show, can't believe I missed it on the original run. This show needs to come back with season 3 or a reboot... it's a great story. SAVE JERICHO!!
Christine Montgomery Posted on: 11:41 PM - Sunday April 05, 2015
My family loves Jericho! I'm turning my friends onto the show and they love it, please give us more!
Chris Saint Posted on: 07:50 PM - Saturday March 28, 2015
please bring this show back! This is a great series. If The Big Bang Theory can make, and it is aweful, then Jericho should make it in spades! That is, if there are any smart people left that already haven't posted yet!
Petrov Bullafarht Posted on: 01:46 AM - Monday March 23, 2015
What are the shitheads waiting for till jake turn 50 and then dont want to do this. The idiots just want attention. They know the show is good but they dont want to bring it back. Fatass kids are lossing opartiunity to make some dough.
Leah Fortin Posted on: 08:29 AM - Saturday March 21, 2015
I think it's remarkable that people are still demanding a season three for netflix, it just goes to show how much people love this show. With the peaked intrests in dystopia stories lately not only would bringing jericho back satisfy the fans, but it would also be a smart move financially. People are intrested, and people would watch.
Dan roberts Posted on: 03:39 PM - Monday March 16, 2015
netflix you need to bring back Jericho amazing show maybe times slot was wrong on cbs easily as good similar shows walking dead falling sky revolution I want to read the comics to find out more but I want to wait for this to continue it would be silly to not a show that was ended so long ago for people to want back says one thing to me programs like the walking dead has made people really enjoy watching these types of series more and I think could be a bigger hit than before take the chance whilst it the hype it could easily pull 2 more seasons
Ciara Osberg Posted on: 01:33 PM - Saturday March 07, 2015
Please bring back Jericho! My boyfriend and I love the show and are watching it over again. We really want more seasons!
Robert Norbeck Posted on: 05:21 PM - Wednesday February 25, 2015
Watched season 1 and 2 on netflix and was so upset to find out they ended the series at the beginning of the civil war. What a tragedy. Bring back Jericho!
Robert Hawkins Posted on: 09:28 PM - Sunday February 15, 2015
!!!!! Netflix bring it back !!!!!!!! The show is great !!!!!
Smoke Nicholson Posted on: 07:40 PM - Thursday February 12, 2015
Come on bring it back already!!!!!!!!!
Michael Parsons Posted on: 05:53 PM - Monday February 09, 2015
Susy Strang Posted on: 11:21 PM - Monday February 02, 2015
I just found this show on Netflix and my husband and I are hooked. We watched every episode in a weekend marathon. Please please bring this show back. It has such a great story line, I would love to see where it all goes.
Linda Christie Posted on: 03:26 PM - Tuesday January 27, 2015
Please bring back Jericho.
Ernie Wehrle Posted on: 12:15 PM - Sunday January 11, 2015
please bring back Jericho!!! great show and actors
Sarah Johnson Posted on: 09:49 PM - Friday January 09, 2015
I watched Jericho before it was cancelled and for some reason I can't stop watching it Ive seen it so many time I can quote it. Bring back Jericho! Please I'm begging y'all. I love Jericho it's one of the best series I've ever watched. Jericho lives forever!!!!
Jay Simaglioni Posted on: 02:23 AM - Friday January 09, 2015
I am so hooked on Jericho it is unreal! I have been binge watching it and now that I am on s2e6 I am so gutted that it is about to come to an abrupt end. Jericho needs to be revived, it is honestly in my top 5 TV series along with Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries.

I think CBS were absolutely insane to cancel the show, it had consistent ratings, yes low but that was only due to its time slot, if it were given a better slot then the ratings would be much higher I'm sure! Especially considering the show maintained a consistent number of viewers.

I really hope Netflix shows CBS what they're missing out on and gets the series back to life. Too many good shows have been canceled (Firefly, True Calling etc). Someone bring it back! I need to see what happens next!
Bob  Clifton Posted on: 11:31 PM - Saturday December 20, 2014
I certainly hope this show does get renewed. And that they leave out the vulgar language that they felt was necessary when 'The Killing' got renewed. That was so unnecessary. And surely won't be needed to further the storyline in Jericho. Just watched the 1st 11 shows from season 1 in two days. It's actually a pretty good show. Thanks
nick w Posted on: 08:32 PM - Sunday December 14, 2014
Such an amazing show I don't know why they would stop at the second season. Hope to see more.
Julianna T. Posted on: 06:27 PM - Saturday December 06, 2014
i wish the people would bring Jericho back! I can't beleive its over!! It really is an amazing show
Georgia B Posted on: 06:26 PM - Saturday December 06, 2014
i want more jericho!
Georgia H Posted on: 06:25 PM - Saturday December 06, 2014
they NEED to bring Jericho Back!!! They just NEED TO! The show is extremely popular and I don't know why they would cancel it! It is amazing and I want to watch more of it!! Please please bring it back!!!!!!
Jericho Fan Posted on: 03:04 PM - Sunday November 16, 2014
Just finished watching the second season, the "ending" doesn't feel like one and there is enough possible development for at least 2 more seasons. This show has so much potential, and seeing that even 6 years after it ended people are begging for a third season, this shows how much could be made.
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